WWE News: Former Champion Says ’90 Percent Of Locker Room’ Uses Marijuana

Over the years, WWE has really created a serious wellness policy. No matter what level a person lands on the roster, competitors will be suspended and punishments will be handed down if the plan is not followed.

However, as the world changes its stance on marijuana use, certain companies are in agreement. In fact, one former champion says that is why at least 90 percent of the locker room uses marijuana in some form.

The WWE wellness policy is upheld among all superstars, and this is the reason that led to the recent suspensions of Primo Colon and Robert Roode. With some states now making marijuana legal and others looking to change their laws, WWE has also amended its policy to keep up with the times.

Something loosely referred to as a “weed tax” is used behind the scenes in WWE, and that provision could get a superstar out of trouble. If that talent tested positive for THC during a drug screening, a payment of $2,500 would serve as the only punishment.

Fightful recently interviewed former WWE Tag Team Champion, Darren Young, who discussed a number of different topics. One subject was centered around marijuana use, during which time the star revealed that almost everyone in the talent locker room dabbles in the use of marijuana.

As transcribed by Ringside News, Young said that he used marijuana and CBD as a way to cope with many things, including a number of long road trips with Mark Henry, Sheamus, Titus O’Neil, and others. Young is far from the only one who used marijuana.

“90% of everyone. 90% of the locker room, I’m sure. Yeah.

“I was a CBD user when I was on the roster. I’ve had concussions; I’ve been rocked several times. And when you have to go from city to city three hundred miles, I just couldn’t do it. So the CBD helped me out.”

In the past, other superstars have admitted they use marijuana, but not 90 percent of them, as Young contends. A number of superstars likely smoke the substance, while the percentage is even higher due to the number of those who use CBD oil and edibles, as Young adds.

Young had a pretty good career in the ring during his time with WWE, but the two parties have since parted ways. Now, the former superstar says he’s “trying to get into the CBD world,” after admitting the substance was of considerable help to him during his time with the company. According to Young, CBD helps out a lot of others in the locker room, too.

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