Massachusetts ‘Serial Pooper’ Arrested, Andrea Grocer Had Allegedly Pooped In A Parking Lot Several Times

Police in a Massachusetts city have arrested a “serial pooper” who allegedly did the deed eight or more times in the same parking lot, WYCN-LD reports. Police initially thought it might have been the work of an animal, until they noticed toilet paper.

Henry Kanner, the owner of Natick Outdoor Store, said he first began noticing piles of poop around the parking lot of his store in October 2019. By December, he’d notified the police.

Lt. Cara Rossi ruled out the poop belonging to an animal for a pretty obvious reason.

“At first, they thought it was an animal but then they noticed toilet paper and other wipes – items animals would not have access to,” she said.

Around this time, Kanner installed security cameras. He allegedly caught a human being in the act and gave what information he could to the police.

“And then it happened again. And then it happened again,” he said.

Eventually, a Natick police officer was dispatched to the area to keep an eye on things. Sure enough, the officer eventually allegedly noticed a 2018 Lincoln MKX SUV pull into the lot. The driver allegedly waited a few minutes for nearby commuter train and bus passengers to clear out of the area and then opened the door. Using the door as a barrier, the driver allegedly did the deed and then drove off.

The officer followed and pulled the vehicle over. The driver, a woman, allegedly confessed to defecating in the parking lot, but said that she has irritable bowel syndrome and couldn’t hold it any more. She also noted that she worked as a nanny at a home just down the road.

There were several aspects of the woman’s story that didn’t add up. For example, there were multiple public restrooms nearby that she could have used. Similarly, the officer called the woman’s employer, who confirmed that she could have used the bathroom there.

Police arrested Andrea Grocer, 51, of Ashland, Massachusetts and charged her with eight counts of wanton destruction of property. She was released without bail on Wednesday.

Kanner is still befuddled as to why someone would poop in his parking lot multiple times.

“She takes care of business whether it’s raining out, whether it’s snowing out. Why would someone do this? And it turns out she works up the street,” he said.

Grocer is not the first person to be accused of repeatedly pooping where they shouldn’t have when there were public restrooms reasonably close by. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the managers of a neighborhood pool called the cops on a man or woman who repeatedly pooped in the pool over the course of several weeks.

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