'General Hospital' Shares Slight Update & Cute Videos On Social Media As Impeachment Trial Hiatus Continues

Stacy Carey

ABC seems to be signaling that General Hospital fans are going to continue to go without new episodes as the Trump impeachment trial coverage continues. The show was preempted on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week, and recent social media posts on the show's pages suggest that the preemptions will continue for now.

Fans were quite frustrated on Thursday when there was no real update about a preemption provided on any of the show's social media pages. At this point, the posts seem to signal that the network will let fans know when new General Hospital episodes will air, rather than letting people know day-by-day that they'll be preempted. This strategy isn't necessarily going over well with viewers.

On Thursday evening, a new clip was shared on Instagram and Twitter that seemed to be an effort to smooth things over with frustrated General Hospital supporters. The short video featured Michael Eason, Jophielle Love, and Finola Hughes, who portray Finn, Violet, and Anna.

The trio said that they had just finished filming some upcoming scenes, and they encouraged everybody to keep an eye on all of the General Hospital social channels to learn when the show would return. The post did get a lot of love from the show's fans, with nearly 80,000 likes and almost 600 comments.

Some fans thanked the show for the clip that reminded them why they love the show. Others noted how much they have been missing General Hospital this week. However, there were plenty of comments from people voicing their continued frustration over the open-ended hiatus.

Varni ensured the General Hospital fan that viewers in the U.S. wouldn't miss any episodes. While Canada is one episode ahead, as those viewers saw Tuesday's episode while the U.S. did not, Canadians have seen reruns since then. Varni said that Canadians will continue to see encore episodes until both countries are back on the same schedule.

While many General Hospital fans are pleading with ABC to find a way to air the episodes and keep the current momentum going, it doesn't seem that they plan to do that. For now, everybody will have to stay tuned and hold out hope that these preemptions don't continue for too much longer.