North Las Vegas Police Arrested Mother For Tying Up Her 4-Year-Old

North Las Vegas, NV – On Friday 36-year-old single mother, Laketha Charis Moore, made an appearance in court before North Las Vegas Justice of the Peace (pro tempore) Eugene Martin on charges of abusing her 4-year-old daughter. For the time being Moore faces two child abuse and 31 child neglect charges.

Moore is being accused of allegedly locking her 4-year-old daughter in a bedroom in their apartment, leaving her tethered to a bedpost for up to 12 hours a day. A blue plastic bin was left for the child as a toilet.

Moore was arrested Tuesday after apartment managers noticed a bathrobe-like belt stretched from the knob of a closed bedroom door to a bathroom door in the unit. The apartment officials found the child in the sealed bedroom. The child was left without food and water and the room smelled of human waste. Moore was arrested when she returned home. The 4-year-old was treated at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas and then remanded to Child Protective Services.

A neighbor, who knew Moore as Kiki, told investigators she’d not seen the little girl in a couple moths. She claimed Moore told her the child was staying with her grandmother in California.

Moore explained to North Las Vegas police officers she didn’t have a babysitter, therefore she started leaving the child alone in the apartment, beginning back in February, while Moore was at work.

Moore further detailed having to tie up the child because the girl would ransack the apartment otherwise. She also admitted to sometimes hitting the child with a belt when she was angry. Police reported the child being treated for injuries consistent with beatings at the hospital.

Based on adequate probable cause, Moore will spend up to a week in jail on $620,000 bail while authorities continue to investigate.

According to the county clerk, Moore will return to court on Tuesday to face an eviction in a separate court action.

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