Hannah Brown Reveals Whether She Would Be Open To Being 'The Bachelorette' Again

Hannah Brown's run last spring as The Bachelorette didn't bring her the happy ending she had hoped to get. Since she now remains single, some fans have wondered if she would be open to returning to do the show again this spring. Now, she is sharing her thoughts about the idea.

ET Online talked with Hannah this past week, asking her about possibly handing out roses again. If Hannah was interested and offered the opportunity, she would enjoy a long run in front of ABC's cameras.

Viewers first met Hannah during Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor and then she went on to headline her season of The Bachelorette. She went from that season's show to Dancing with the Stars, winning the coveted mirror ball trophy. After that, she popped up during Peter Weber's The Bachelor season.

Would all of these appearances mean it would be a bit too much for her to then come back as The Bachelorette once again?

For now, it seems that Hannah is not exactly giving a solid "no" but she definitely isn't saying "yes," either. For now, it sounds like she's leaning toward moving on from looking for love on television.

"I want a person in my life. I definitely want that... Do I have to do that as being the Bachelorette? No," Hannah detailed.

"Right now, I'm just trying to seize the opportunities that I have and feel very confident in the things that I say yes to, and also confident in the things that I know aren't the best for me right now," she continued.

Hannah's wording does seem to imply that she doesn't think being The Bachelorette again would be the right next step for her. However, she doesn't seem to be fully closing the door either -- just in case.

Fans definitely seem divided on this possibility, but host Chris Harrison is seemingly open to the idea. He recently said he's not against it and wouldn't rule it out.

The former Bachelorette star shared with fans this week that she is currently single. She also noted that she's not pregnant, an answer she apparently gave in response to Bachelor-related speculation that has been making the rounds.

Granted, Hannah still needs to play coy about whether or not she will shows up once again on Peter's season. The Bachelor spoilers suggest that she's done with that chapter of her life, but the show isn't quite ready to let either Hannah or Peter confirm that at this time.

It is certainly possible that ABC would be open to having Hannah become The Bachelorette again this spring, but it's not necessarily likely. The chances are that the next lady to hand out roses will be someone from Peter's season of The Bachelor, and it's too soon to get too serious about any speculation on that front.

Filming for The Bachelorette will start in mid-March right after Peter's finale airs. Fans will certainly be curious to see who ultimately gets the gig.