Man Stages Fake Rape Rescue To Impress A Girl

An Arkansas man went to some pretty unusual lengths to impress an attractive girl, he allegedly staged a fake rape attempt. A desire to be the play the hero was apparently the motive behind the plan – which became an epic fail.

Jeffrey Tyler Siegel, 26, apparently though pouring on the charm by planning and exciting or romantic date was just not enough to keep one pretty young woman’s attention. Siegel and his love interest told Jonesboro police officers that they had been attacked by a man with a knife while walking along the “lookout pavilion.”

The suspect was supposedly wearing all black clothing and came running out of a wooded area. Siegel told police officers that the attacker told him he could go, but the girl had to stay. The girl had good instincts and immediately took off running. Jeffrey Spiegel stayed behind at the faux crime scene to fight off the fake rapist, according to police reports.

The Arkansas Romeo also told law enforcement officers that the rapist “slashed” him on the chest twice. Spiegel claimed that he grabbed the man and gave him a knee to the stomach. After the rapist was supposedly bested by Spiegel, he simply ran away in the woods.

Police officers were not able to locate the alleged attacker and later called Jeffrey Spiegel to the station for an interview. Detective Mike Branscum reportedly felt that something just wasn’t quite right with the attack story.

Spiegel was sending a text message just before the supposed attack. He ultimately agreed to sit down with the police officers. The Arkansas man stuck to his story at first. Detectives thought he was holding back information and acting nervous.

Police officers stated that Spiegel became unresponsive verbally and “shut down” at one point during the interrogation. Detective Branscum eventually told Spiegel that if he would just tell them the truth, no charges would be forthcoming.

Once he was free from legal danger, Jeffrey Spiegel confessed that the rape attack was fake. He told the officers that he really cared about the young woman and thought that the incident would help his chances at making her his girlfriend.

Once the woman became aware of the fake rape attack, she let Spiegel know that he would not be getting a second date.

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