#ILikeBernie Trends After Hillary Clinton Says ‘Nobody Likes’ Him

Social media responded swiftly to Hillary Clinton’s claim that “nobody likes” Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders by pushing #ILikeBernie to the No. 1 United States trend on Twitter.

Per The Hill, Sanders’ supporters suggested that any dislike toward the rising candidates from lawmakers on Capitol Hill is likely a positive sign for those yearning for a change from the moderate Democrats that currently dominate Congress. Others noted Clinton’s failure in 2016 and her own troubles with likability.

“Imagine being so disliked by millions to the point of losing to Donald Trump yet still having the hubris to say someone else is ‘unlikable,'” tweeted independent media host Tim Black, who added that Clinton is “shockingly tone deaf.”

Los Angeles Chargers running back Justin Jackson thanked Clinton for her comments in a tweet that included a screenshot of his recent donation to Sanders’ campaign, Newsweek reported.

“HillaryClinton thanks for the motivation. Every time you trash him, I will give more #iLikeBernie #RespondWithSolidarity.”

Nina Turner, who co-chairs Sanders’ national campaign, suggested that Clinton’s attack was timed to distract the movement from its goal amid the lead-up to the Iowa caucuses.

Abdul El-Sayed, an author and former Michigan gubernatorial candidate, said that Clinton’s attack was an attempt to bully Sanders and his supporters.

“It’s a marginalizing tool of elites — on the schoolyard or in politics. Well, I like @BernieSanders. He’s my friend + millions of others. Why? Rather than say nobody likes us, he’s fighting for us.”

Many have noted Clinton’s own unfavorable rating, which The Guardian reports has haunted her for years. The publication notes her missing emails, Wall Street ties, and alleged responsibility for the security failures that paved the way for the Benghazi attack.

Even before the 2016 election, The Guardian reports that perception of Clinton was negative for some time, noting reports of her being a “militant feminist” that is “difficult to deal with” and criticism of her decision to keep her maiden name after marrying Bill Clinton.

Sanders has been rising in the polls, which has reportedly been worrying members of the Democratic establishment. As The Inquisitr reported, President Barack Obama and his allies allegedly “hate” Sanders and reportedly have no idea how to stop his surge.

According to statements from a former senior Obama campaign staffer, the former president’s allies hold a grudge against Sanders that likely stems from the platform of the Vermont Senator’s candidacy, which is purportedly based on the belief that Obama was not progressive.

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