Get To Know Victoria Paul Of ‘The Bachelor’ With Peter Weber

Victoria Paul prepares for a group date on 'The Bachelor'
John Fleenor / ABC

During Episode 3 of The Bachelor, spoilers reveal that Peter Weber will go on a one-on-one date with Bachelorette Victoria Paul. Viewers have already seen a bit of this contestant in the previous two shows, but they will likely be anxious to learn more as they watch this upcoming date play out.

Victoria had an introductory video shown during the premiere of Peter’s season. During that, The Bachelor fans learned that she is a nurse. She had a challenging upbringing, as her father died when she was just 2-years-old.

Later during her youth, Victoria’s mom struggled with addiction. That left The Bachelor contestant to take on the role of the primary caregiver of her younger sister.

In her ABC profile, Victoria notes that she is 27-years-old and lives in Alexandria, Louisiana. Her profile details that not only did her mom struggle with addiction, but her sister faced a similar battle at one point. However, both women have apparently been sober for the past three years, and it looks as if they’re all very close now.

Prior to doing The Bachelor, Victoria had one serious romantic relationship. She and her former boyfriend dated for about two years, but she learned he had cheated on her and they split.

As is the case with several other ladies on Peter’s season of The Bachelor, Victoria has been involved in beauty pageants in the past. She was named Miss Louisiana USA for 2019 and was in the Top 15 in the Miss USA pageant.

In a profile Victoria did for the Miss USA competition that was shared via the pageant’s Instagram page, she noted that she lived in a homeless shelter for a while. She has become passionate about helping kids who come from difficult backgrounds and families who struggle with addiction, and that passion was a big focus of her work during her run as Miss Louisiana USA.

This Bachelor contestant has shared via Instagram that she has an adorable dog named Doodle. Other social media posts signal that she also loves country music, dancing, and traveling. She also has a young niece she clearly adores, and in her social media bio, she notes that she is an optimist and a bookworm.

Could Victoria end up with Peter’s final rose this season on The Bachelor? Spoilers tease that viewers will see her mixed up in some drama — seemingly coming quite soon — and she does seem to be one to watch. If she doesn’t last until that last rose ceremony, she certainly seems to be a solid contender to show up on Bachelor in Paradise this summer.