WWE News: Sheamus Reveals Why The Bar Were Split Up

In 2016, Sheamus and Cesaro shocked the WWE Universe by becoming a tag team following a fierce rivalry. However, the decision to unite proved to be successful. Over the next couple of years, the duo — known as The Bar — went on to find great success in the company until Sheamus got injured and Cesaro moved to Monday Night Raw. However, now that “The Celtic Warrior” has returned to Friday Night SmackDown, fans have been wondering if the team will get back together. In an exclusive interview with Cultaholic, Sheamus didn’t rule out the possibility, though he admits that it isn’t likely to happen soon.

“Well me and Cesaro have achieved everything there is to do, we’re five-time tag champs. I think The Bar is something where we have cemented our legacies as The Bar, like we can always go back to that and anything we do will be massive, but we’re both on a bit of a singles journey at the moment and there’s still a lot I want to achieve as a singles guy. Obviously the Intercontinental title is the one I still haven’t won, so that’s all I really care about right now.”

Since returning to WWE television, the 41-year-old has been on a hot streak, and it’s clear that both he and the company have big plans for him as a singles performer. However, given that The Bar’s alliance didn’t end on a negative note, WWE can always reunite them down the line.

As he stated in the interview, Sheamus is courting the Intercontinental Championship. This could bring him into conflict with Cesaro, though, as his former partner is loosely aligned with Shinsuke Nakamura, the current titleholder. It’s possible Cesaro will be used as a roadblock during Sheamus’ journey towards title glory.

However, most fans are just happy to see Sheamus back in action. As The Inquisitr reported last week, the former World Champion almost considered retiring during the time he was on hiatus. According to the Irishman, he wasn’t sure if he’d ever be able to compete again due to his injuries. Fortunately, he made a recovery and now, he claims to be in the best shape of his life.

As documented by The Inquisitr last year, Cesaro also shares Sheamus’ ambition to make it as a solo performer. WWE boss Vince McMahon once said that “The Swiss Superman” didn’t have the charisma to become a big star, and the Friday Night SmackDown superstar has been adamant to prove him wrong since then.

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