WWE News: Superstar Reveals His Reaction To Vince McMahon’s Criticism

WWE superstar Cesaro recently addressed Vince McMahon‘s criticism of him, in which the boss told the Stone Cold Podcast in 2014 that the “Swiss Superman” lacked the charisma to make it to the top at the company.

Cesaro, who was interviewed by Sportskeeda, revealed that he’s been trying to impress the chairman ever since. He also recalled that he was a huge fan favorite following McMahon’s comments, as WWE crowds showed up in droves to support him.

“I tried to prove him wrong a lot. The ‘Cesaro Section’ came right after, where at one point there was thousands of signs out in the crowd. That may have proven him wrong a little bit, but it’s also a constant thing to keep proving that. Like I said, as much as I try to entertain everybody every night, I also try to prove everybody wrong every night, if that makes sense?”

Cesaro said that he’s grateful for the fan support and will continue to try and impress WWE executives. However, he did concede that company officials may have been “subconsciously” overlooking him because McMahon doesn’t see him as a main event commodity.

Over the years, Cesaro has been used as a glorified enhancement talent and tag team stalwart. He’s a six-time WWE Tag Team Champion, most recently with Sheamus. The team was broken up during a Superstar Shake-Up, and “The Celtic Warrior” has been out with an injury since then. However, some fans would like to see the pair reunite.

In a separate report published by Sportskeeda, Cesaro was asked about the team getting back together. Sheamus is reportedly set to return to the ring, which has fueled speculation that WWE will reform the duo. Cesaro revealed that he and Sheamus are best friends who talk every day but stated that he’s only focused on his solo career at the moment.

Cesaro recently moved to Friday Night SmackDown, but he’s been on a losing streak since his debut. On the go-home show before Crown Jewel, he ate the pinfall in a six-man tag team match that saw him join Shinsuke Nakamura and King Corbin to take on Roman Reigns, Ali and Shorty G.

At Crown Jewel, he lost to Mansoor in what many fans and pundits hailed as the best match of the entire show. The match was a homecoming for Mansoor, and Cesaro helped him impress the crowd with a strong outing.

Perhaps he won’t receive a push any time soon, but Cesaro is a reliable hand who can be instrumental in helping the company create new stars.

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