Wild ‘Bachelor’ Fan Theory Suggests Season’s Big Twist Is A Pregnancy

Craig SiodinABC

Fan theories are running rampant on social media regarding the big twist in Season 24 of The Bachelor. Every season, host Chris Harrison promises viewers that they are about to watch “the most dramatic season yet,” and since it hasn’t been revealed who Peter Weber chooses in the end just yet, some fans are wondering if there’s a bigger twist afoot.

One of the wildest fan theories out there right now is suggesting that Peter has gotten one of the women on the cast pregnant. Keep in mind this is a fan theory and has absolutely no proof behind it at this time.

The theory started out as all good theories do, on Reddit. It’s one of the most popular posts in The Bachelor subreddit, and fans are debating its legitimacy in the comments section and separate threads.

“WHAT IF peter was intimate within the first few weeks, knocks up one of the girls, and thats what Chris tells peter on what looks like the final rose ceremony day??? And that’s why the ending is never before seen/cant be spoiled/peter couldn’t be happier,” the original Redditor posted.

As the theory creator noted, Peter’s season is supposed to have a never-before-seen ending, and pregnancy would definitely accomplish that. Peter has also commented that the end of his season cannot be spoiled, and fans have been trying to figure out how that’s possible when almost every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have been spoiled before they even aired.

Plenty of viewers of the show are already calling the theory ridiculous, and feel that the big twist coming this season isn’t a twist at all, and fans are going to be left disappointed when all is revealed at the finale. Some fellow Redditors felt that if someone on the cast was truly pregnant, Chris Harrison would not be the person to drop the bomb on Peter during the final rose ceremony, and that kind of information should only come from the woman herself.

In the trailer for the season, Peter’s mother can be seen in tears begging her son to “bring her home to us” saying “don’t let her go” over and over again. One Redditor felt like Peter’s mom could only get this upset if there was a baby involved, but the timing of filming doesn’t necessarily line up with that logic.

Peter is given the shocking news by Chris at the final rose ceremony, and traditionally on the show, this is the last part of filming, after the meeting with families. There could be a scenario where more shooting is added after the final rose, but the pregnancy theory is too far out there to even be considered at this time.

As previously stated, please remember that this is just a fan-theory and there is no evidence to support it currently.

The Bachelor airs every Monday night at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.