‘The Masked Singer UK’ Spoilers: Viewers & Panelists Think The Octopus Could Be Kylie Minogue

The Masked Singer has the U.K. putting on their thinking caps. Especially for the celebrity singing as a giant multicolored octopus.

Tonight, the Octopus took to the stage and performed for the second time. After performing “Part of Your World” from Disney’s The Little Mermaid during their last appearance, the Octopus switched it up and sang a rendition of “Splish Splash” by Bobby Darin while in a bathtub. Panelist Davina McCall instantly said the Octopus was good when it started singing, and Rita Ora and Jonathon Ross got up and danced.

Warning: potential spoilers below.

When it came down to guessing who it could be, Rita and Jonathon thought about the possibilities of it being “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” chart-topper Kylie Minogue putting on a voice to disguise herself, per the Mirror.

Fans took to Twitter to express who they thought was in the costume and used the show’s hashtag. They seem to think that there is some potential for it to be Kylie, but also assumed that it could be her sister, Dannii Minogue.

“Octopus is 100% Danni Minogue as she has her own fashion company and was the face of Modelco Cosmetics and sounds like Kylie #TheMaskedSinger,” one user wrote.

“The octopus definitely sounded like Kylie Minogue #MaskedSinger,” another shared.

“THE OCTOPUS IS KYLIE MINOGUE. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. #TheMaskedSinger,” a third account tweeted passionately in capital letters.

“#MaskedSinger is the #Octopus Dannii Minogue?? Or even Kylie?” a fourth tweet questioned.

Kylie rose to fame as an actress in the Australian soap opera, Neighbours. During the clues section, a young picture of Jason Donavon was showed. Donavon was the actor who played her partner in the show.

Dannii also entered the spotlight in a different Australian soap, Home and Away.

This week, the Octopus landed themselves in the bottom two with the Tree. For the sing-off, they sang Ariana Grande’s “One Last Time” and shocked the panel with operatic vocals. The judges decided to let the Octopus stay for another week and the Tree was eliminated.

Those wanting to find out if one of the Minogue sisters are really singing under the costume will have to continue watching the show.

Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of guesses as to who it could be. Some fans believe it’s Ashley Roberts from the Pussycat Dolls or Lea Michele from Glee.

When it came down to the Tree being unmasked, it was revealed to be soccer player Teddy Sheringham. The athlete is a Champions League winner with Manchester United and former England international player.

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