Savannah Guthrie Opens Up About Her ‘Darkest Moment’ When She Thought She Would Likely Lose Her Vision

Today Show anchor Savannah Guthrie endured a bizarre accident last November when her now 3-year-old son Charley accidentally hit her in the eye with a toy train with a pointy edge when he was sitting on her lap. The accident led to a tear in her retina. Now, she’s opening up about what she described as her “darkest moment” when she realized she might lose the vision in her right eye completely and never regain it, according to Today.

The tear in Guthrie’s retina was so major that she needed eye surgery to repair it. For weeks prior to the surgery, she tried to continue on with life as normal and was even still appearing on the Today Show but was unable to see anything out of her eye. As the weeks passed, she began to doubt any recovery would happen and could feel the panic setting in, she explained to Dr. Mehmet Oz while sitting down for an episode of his show.

“I had been living with it for three weeks, doing the show, not being able to see out of one eye, and I could feel that my vision just started to close in. It started to get black and it was because you can’t live with a retina detachment for three weeks and not expect to start really losing your vision, and I was scared, that was the first time I was really scared.”

For the first time, Guthrie began to consider how her life would change if she did in fact lose her vision. She tried not to allow her mind to go there.

“I tried really hard not to go there and do the parade of horribles and things that could happen that would be devastating,” she said.

Instead of going into full-blown panic mode, Guthrie tried to remember to be grateful for her many blessings. Luckily for her, she did not lose her vision forever. Her eye surgery went successfully and she is now able to see, with some blurriness. Her vision is expected to go back mostly to normal, but she will require a new prescription.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Charley did not mean to injure his mother with the train. She’s not going to tell him that he was the one that caused the accident so as not to make him feel bad. In addition to Charley, she also has a 5-year-old daughter named Vale.

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