WWE News: Liv Morgan Shares Photo With Fellow Superstar On Twitter, Lana Dramatically Responds

Liv Morgan interrupts Lana's wedding

Ever since Liv Morgan interrupted Lana and Bobby Lashley‘s wedding on a recent episode of Monday Night Raw, she has been at odds with the couple. In the storyline, Morgan revealed that she and Lana had been having an affair, which didn’t sit too well with “The Ravishing Russian.” And while the controversial storyline is entirely fictitious, both women have been doing their best to present the situation as real on social media, as evidenced by Lana’s latest Twitter tirade against Morgan.

Over the weekend, Morgan took to her own social media account to share a photo of her and former WWE tag team partner Sarah Logan. Lana wasn’t too happy with the post, however, and proceeded to call out Morgan in a now-deleted post that was captured by Sportskeeda.

“Hahahahaha! You go & do a bunch of ridiculous bath vignettes to try & be popular saying ‘how your friends told you how to act & how to talk & what to wear & how “typical” that was’ yet now you are posting pictures of your ‘friends’ saying unconditional [love]? You’re pathetic.”

Lana is insinuating that Morgan is a hypocrite for being a follower. In a follow-up tweet, “The Ravishing Russian” revealed that she “admired” Morgan for daring to be “different,” but it’s clear that she has a problem with her ex-lover being open about her “typical” friendship with Logan.

When Morgan took a leave of absence last year, she told the WWE Universe that she was going to find herself and embrace her individuality. At the time, she was mostly known for being a member of the Riott Club stable, which also included Logan and Ruby Riott.

No one expected Morgan to return as Lana’s former lover, however, and the response has been divisive, to say the least. On the latest edition of the After the Bell podcast, host Corey Graves was very critical of the storyline, stating that he believes the company is squandering Morgan’s potential to succeed as a superstar.

The storyline shows no signs of slowing down at the time of this writing, and will likely continue as the company heads into WrestleMania season. Despite being critically lambasted, WWE has been able to capitalize on the fan base’s curiosity as they continue tuning in to see what happens next.

It remains to be seen where Lana and Morgan’s feud will go next, but expect it to play out on WWE television and on social media.