Jill Duggar Claps Back After Someone Tells Her She Should Put Her Kids In School & Daycare

Like many women out there, Jill Duggar is a stay at home mom with two rambunctious kids. Although she has lived most of her life in front of a TV camera, the former reality star has had to adjust to a more quiet life with husband Derick Dillard and their sons, Israel, 4, and Samuel, 2. However, she does share her frustrations on social media frequently and that has led to her clapping back to someone who suggested that she would be happier if she would go back to school or get a job outside of the home.

Many of Jill’s 1.5 million Instagram followers have seen the Duggar daughter vent her feelings of exhaustion and moments of failure as a mom. She is not shy about sharing them to make herself more relatable to other moms. That is exactly what she did in a post recently writing about getting Israel and Sam down for a nap. It appears that the boys gave her a hard time about it and she ended up sharing that with her fans.

Jill indicated that nap time for her boys began with some yelling and lecturing. She finally got them quieted down so that she could do some Bible study. Her post was expected to be one of encouragement for other moms, but one person didn’t see it that way at all. The comment suggested that the 28-year-old mom should consider working or going back to school rather than just staying with her kids all the time.

That person called Jill’s story “heartbreaking” and said that she should send Izzy to school and put Sam in daycare so that she can be happier focusing on herself now that she is done raising her parent’s kids. That’s when Jill Duggar replied back thanking that person for being concerned, but that she is actually happy with her life.

“I do love my current job at home with the boys tho and totally get that there will be some crazy times for everyone, no matter if you work at home or outside of home,” she explained.

Jill said that she is content, despite how stressful it can be with raising her sons at this age. The 19 Kids and Counting star ended her statement by reminding her followers of one important point.

“Also keep in mind that social media doesn’t show someone’s entire life,” Jill stated.

Will Jill and Derick have any more kids in their future? A couple of months ago, one of Jill’s posts caught the attention of fans thinking that she was pregnant because of childproofing her house, but that was just the case of making her home safer for her boys.

Despite the negative comment, there has been lots of support from fans who can relate to Jill Duggar’s plight as a stay at home mom. They have voiced how much they love her sharing her crazy times with them.

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