‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans Accuse Show Of Being Scripted After Two Continuity Issues Spotted

The cast of Vanderpump Rules
Tommy Garcia / Bravo

Season 8 of Vanderpump Rules is only two episodes in, and viewers are taking to Twitter to express some concerns about the show. In both new episodes, some eagle-eyed fans noticed continuity issues during some of the scenes, causing many to believe the show is scripted and/or highly edited. The outcry from viewers was getting so severe, that it even caused Ariana Madix to address some concerns of fans on Instagram.

In the premiere episode, while Lala Kent is speaking with Brian Carter at Katie Maloney-Schwartz and Tom Schwartz’s housewarming party, the number of necklaces Lala is wearing changes throughout the conversation. Several shots show the singer wearing one cross necklace, and then three at different points in the duo’s sit-down, meaning the conversation was not aired in the order it did in real life. In Episode 2, during Ariana and Lisa Vanderpump’s emotional conversation at SUR, the bartender can be seen with two different hair lengths and makeup styles. While Ariana was wearing the same outfit and jewelry, it was obvious that parts of the scene were actually shot at different times.

Ariana decided to respond to a fan in the comments section of one of her Instagram posts, who asked the author if the cast does reshoots of all of their scenes.

“Pickups. not reshoots. pickups are in every season and every episode. happens when something doesn’t line up, a shot is blurry, etc. just a way to fill in the gaps,” Ariana noted. “Nothing about pickups makes the show inauthentic or our conversations less real.”

Pickups and reshoots are two very different things, as Ariana made sure to point out in her comment. Pickups are traditionally more minuscule and happen after shooting is complete, while reshoots are more drawn out and happen constantly throughout filming. Whether the Lala necklace incident was a reshoot or a pickup has not been addressed at this time.

One big issue viewers seemed to have with Ariana’s scene was the nature of her conversation with Lisa, where she discussed her issues with depression. Once the continuity issue was pointed out, some fans felt that the conversation was inauthentic.

“Regardless, it ruins it for me cause I still wanna believe in the authenticity of reality tv so badly,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

“This conversation is 10/10 authentic,” Ariana wrote back.

The Fancy AF Cocktails author also clapped back at someone who said her depression storyline was made up for the show. Ariana said the comment was “very gross and insulting” as she has been very open about her mental health issues over the years on the show and online.

Vanderpump Rules airs every Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.