Marie Osmond Has Fans In Hysterics With Latest Dig At Brother Donny

Marie Osmond had her fans in hysterics with her latest dig at big brother Donny Osmond on Instagram. In the update, she shared an image of the duo's former Las Vegas home, the Flamingo Hotel, with one major change to its facade.

The Talk host quipped that the image, which showed a photo of Marie still overlooking the strip in a huge mural that was painted on the side of the building, but Donny mysteriously missing was finally "right."

The singing duo had their faces painted on the side of the building to promote their Las Vegas show, which ran for 11 years at the hotel and casino. Since the brother and sister act took their final curtain call in July, the Flamingo has slowly painted over the mural.

Marie's joke was not lost on longtime Donny and Marie fans, who know that she always likes to get a good dig in at her brother when she can.

"Donny was the first to go. So sad. Lol," said one fan of the singers.

"I still see his hair then again he never lost his hair right. Love you, Marie," said a second fan of the singer.

"You sure did Marie! And you'll probably make it all the way to infinity and beyond!" remarked a third follower of Marie and her brother.

As 2020 moves forward, Marie has big plans as the new year pushes on.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Marie shared her vision board for the new year and revealed that she has big plans for the next 12 months. These include finishing her college education and taking up skydiving this year.

"I'm going to finish my degree. I never got to go finish college because of my work, and I had a baby and I was a single mom, and I had to keep working."
The 60-year-old mother and grandmother was applauded by her brother Donny in the comments section of that particular post, who said he was proud of her big plans. His statement received 77 likes and counting.

Marie keeps her social media followers in the loop with daily updates of what is going on in her professional career and personal life by sharing stories, images, and quotes that have inspired her. She feels the quotes will also inspire her 226,000 followers.

Marie also regularly posts what she calls Sunday Messages, where she shares her thoughts and bible readings that correlate to the stories she tells on Instagram.