Hoda Kotb Tells Jenna Bush Hager That Her Worst Date Ever Involved A Guy Wrestling With A Dog

Hoda talked about her awful New Year's Eve date on 'Today.'

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager host 'Today.'
Nathan Congleton / NBC

Hoda talked about her awful New Year's Eve date on 'Today.'

Hoda Kotb horrified co-host Jenna Bush Hager by revealing the awful details of her worst date ever.

The topic of terrible dates came up on Thursday’s episode of Today With Hoda & Jenna after Hoda and Jenna watched a clip of Bombshell actress Charlize Theron recounting her worst dating experience. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Charlize shared her story on Jimmy Kimmel Live and revealed she was on a date that going pretty great until the guy asked her to make out with his nose.

According to Hoda, the guy who asked her out on her worst date ever didn’t get anywhere close to her lips or nose. She told Jenna and the Today audience that her unforgettably awful experience began when she was preparing for a New Year’s Eve date. She was broke and living in Illinois at the time, and she decided to use what little funds she had left to buy a new outfit and a pricey bottle of perfume.

“I’ll never forget it, because I bought the perfume, and I was getting out of the car because I was going to go in and get dressed,” Hoda recalled. “And when I opened the door, the perfume bottle fell onto the ground.”

The bottle of perfume broke, leaving Hoda to look down in dismay at her “paycheck on the floor.” However, she didn’t let the glass shards stop her from patting some of the spilled fragrance on her hands and rubbing it on her neck.

Hoda then put on her nice new outfit and waited for her date to pick her up. But when he arrived, she noticed that his New Year’s Eve party wear wasn’t anywhere near as dressy as her own.

“And he showed up in a T-shirt and jeans, and I was all dressed up,” Hoda recounted. “And he said, ‘We’re going to have a party at the house.'”

When Hoda and her date arrived at the house, she learned that her date’s “party” consisted of “a couple of other guys and him.” She decided that she’d had enough when one of her date’s pals took it upon himself to provide the night’s entertainment with a little assistance from a furry friend.

“And one of the guys was wrestling the dog, the German shepherd, in socks,” Hoda said. “I remember sitting there thinking, ‘This is the worst.'”

When the guys went out to get more beer, Hoda asked her date if he would just take her home.

Jenna was also supposed to share a horrible date story, but she said that Hoda’s was “so sad” that she couldn’t talk about her own bad dating experience. Jenna agreed that Hoda’s date was the “worst,” and she quipped that she was imagining Hoda getting home and consoling herself by eating Oreo cookies.

Hoda then revealed that she and Jenna were going on a double date with their significant others later that night. Hoda got engaged to fiance Joel Schiffman late last year, and Jenna has been married to husband Henry Hager for over a decade. The two couples watched Little Big Town perform, and judging from a photo that Hoda later shared on her Instagram page, it looks like the experience was nothing like her worst date.