Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Rumors Suggest That Nicolas Bechtel Is Back As Spencer Cassadine

Nicolas Bechtel appears at an event.
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Fans have been wondering when they would see Spencer Cassadine again and General Hospital spoilers detail that it may be about to happen. Not only that, but viewers have wondered if the show would age the character and bring in an older actor when Spencer did pop up again. According to new reports, Nicolas Bechtel is back as Spencer and everybody will see him soon.

During Wednesday’s show, Laura, Nikolas, and Ava talked about how it’s essential that Spencer finds out his father is alive. Laura and Nik agreed that this needed to be done in person rather than over the phone, and Nik prepared to fly to France to see his son.

Now, General Hospital spoilers suggest that viewers will soon see Spencer on-screen and that the last actor to play the character is stepping back into the role.

Nicolas has had fans buzzing with recent Instagram posts hinting that he was working on something. General Hospital fans have been regularly commenting that they are anxious to see the actor return as Spencer, but he has played coy about whether or not it was happening.

On Wednesday, after the scenes involving Laura, Nikolas, and Ava were shown, the teen actor shared the clip via his Twitter page. He also added emoji suggesting that he couldn’t say anything more. It looks as if fans took this as a heavy hint that he would soon be seen again as Spencer.

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According to Celebrating the Soaps, viewers will see Nicolas back as Spencer during the week of January 20. Right now, the exact date that he will be shown again has not been revealed. In addition, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Spencer will end up returning to Port Charles when he learns that his father is still alive.

It would certainly make sense for him to head back to Port Charles at this time. He has been popping in and out of town for the past couple of years and finding out that his father is alive would seem to be a compelling reason to head home.

In addition, part of the reason Laura sent Spencer to France was to keep him safe from Valentin. For the moment, Valentin theoretically isn’t much of a threat to the young Cassadine heir.

During the months after Nikolas supposedly died, General Hospital fans speculated that Spencer might have been looped in by his father that he was still alive. Now that Nik has actually returned, however, he has indicated that Spencer had no idea.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Spencer will be quite upset with his father, an understandable reaction after spending three years grieving his supposed death. In addition, it seems that the young Cassadine might not be terribly thrilled to learn of Nik’s marriage to Ava.

Spoilers suggest that the Cassadine battle isn’t necessarily over yet and fans always love to see the young actor back and shaking things up in Port Charles. For now, everybody will have to hang tight to see what additional General Hospital spoilers emerge about Nicolas’ return as Spencer.