Leah Messer Reveals If She Thinks Chris Lopez Is A ‘Good Fit’ For ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Star Kailyn Lowry

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Leah Messer met Kailyn Lowry’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Chris Lopez while vacationing together in Hawaii last summer and is now opening up about her friend’s relationship. Hollywood Life recently spoke to Leah and asked her if she felt Chris was a “good fit” for her friend.

“I am the type of person I only go off of what I know about you personally, my experience of you. And my experience of Chris when we went on vacation to Hawaii, he was great with all the kids,” she explained.

Chris reportedly spent time at the beach with all the kids while in Hawaii including Leah’s three daughters 7-year-old Addie and 10-year-old twins Ali and Aleeah and Kailyn’s three boys there, the youngest of whom she shares with Chris. Leah talked about Chris spending time with her kids at the beach on the Teen Mom 2 reunion as well, revealing that she “trusted” him.

“I legit trusted him with my kids to go to the beach and they loved him too. My kids were obsessed with him. So anything other than that, I can’t pass judgment towards because I don’t know him any more than that,” she said.

Despite meeting him only the one time, Leah seems to approve of Chris for Kailyn. Whether or not Kailyn and Chris will get back together is yet to be seen.

Kailyn and Chris, although they are reportedly not together currently, but may be expecting another child together. Reports of Kailyn’s rumored fourth pregnancy have been swirling, and Chris is allegedly the father. Kail has yet to address the pregnancy rumors, and it appears that she is not opening up to her friends about it, either. Leah recently admitted that she did not know if her friend is indeed pregnant, but she said that a pregnancy “wouldn’t surprise” her, noting that Kailyn wanted to have another kid. She explained that she hadn’t talked to her friend “in a couple of days,” but had recently texted her and let her know she “supported” her.

Some speculate that the two friends may actually be feuding as Leah seemingly shaded Kailyn on Instagram, calling out people who post stories about her kids. The timing was suspect as Kailyn had recently shared a story to her own Instagram stories about Leah’s children.

For now, Kailyn Lowry is keeping quiet about the pregnancy rumors that are going around and it appears that she and Chris Lopez are not currently together.