January 15, 2020
Scheana Marie's Ex Robby Hayes Reveals If He Thinks She's 'Boy Crazy,' Reacts To 'Bad Kisser' Allegations

Robby Hayes is speaking out about the recent claims made against his ex-flame, Scheana Marie, on Vanderpump Rules.

During an interview with TooFab on January 15, Robby weighed in on Max Boyens' suggestion that Scheana is "boy crazy" before shutting down Brett Caprioni's allegation regarding her supposedly being a "bad kisser."

"She's boy crazy, yeah, and not in a bad way! She just, she likes men," Robby explained. "Everyone always thought we had something romantic, and we never did because I watched her with my roommate, my best friend, so-and-so, so it's like, I've seen that."

During the debut episode of Vanderpump Rules Season 8, Scheana's former fling, Max, who she dated for about one month, accused her of being "boy crazy" after moving on from their relationship with her fellow SUR Restaurant employee, Dayna Kathan. Right away, Scheana became visibly upset and denied his claim was true. She then admitted to Dayna while training her that the comment really bothered her.

Because Robby took note of Scheana's patterns with the guys in her life, he decided against a full-blown relationship with the reality star and instead chose to be her friend. After all, as he explained, she's a great girl and fun to spend time with.

As for Brett's suggestion that Scheana isn't a good kisser, Robby said he received a lot of questions about the comment earlier this month. In response, he assured TooFab that his former flame is "not a bad kisser."

Regarding their current relationship status, Robby said he and Scheana are still "friends" who "chat" with one another at times and added that she "reached out to [him] last week for my birthday."

As Vanderpump Rules fans will recall, Scheana and Robby enjoyed a date during Season 7 last year and were also seen kissing on the show.

Last week, after Brett shocked Vanderpump Rules viewers by taking aim at Scheana's kissing skills, she took to her Twitter page to clarify what exactly went down between them before accusing him of using her for attention.

"Let's be clear here. We did not 'hook up,'" she confirmed, per The Inquisitr. "It was a 5 second drunken kiss that he said he didn't even remember. But then 6 months later remembers it was 'bad.'"

During last week's Vanderpump Rules, Brett said during a cast confessional that he and Scheana spent time with one another at her Los Angeles home after a night out with friends in Santa Monica.