‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: ‘Dusty’ Faces Questions From Lulu & Brook Lynn Wants Ned To Pull Strings

Mark Lawson plays Dustin Phillips on 'General Hospital'.
Valerie Durant / Walt Disney Television

Wednesday brings what should be a thoroughly entertaining episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that viewers will see what comes next for Lulu, Dustin, and Brook Lynn after their comical battle at the Floating Rib and things are going to be a bit intense at the PCPD.

As everybody saw during Tuesday’s show, Brook Lynn tried to perform at the Floating Rib, despite the contract she has with her sketchy producer. That producer showed up and things got chaotic.

When the producer got handsy with Brook Lynn, Lulu intervened and Dustin took charge. By the time everybody was separated, Brook Lynn had smacked Chase over the head with a beer bottle and had called Dustin “Dusty.” Soon, everybody was hauled to the police station.

General Hospital spoilers had hinted that something about Dustin and his past would cause some trouble in his new relationship with Lulu. Now, it appears that it’ll be a past romance with Lulu’s nemesis. During Wednesday’s show, SheKnows Soaps notes that Lulu will want details from “Dusty” about how he knows Brook Lynn.

Lulu has become quite smitten with Dustin and he’s obviously very interested in her. However, if Lulu learns that he used to date Brook Lynn, that might be pretty tough for her to overcome, given their complicated past.

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As Dustin navigates his tricky situation, Brook Lynn will face her father. Ned previously told her that she’d have to face the music, so to speak, when it came to her restrictive recording contract and skeezy producer. Both Ned and Michael cautioned Brook Lynn against trying to do this performance, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that she may not like her father’s response to what happened.

Brook Lynn will tell Ned that he needs to drop the family name to get her sprung so she can go home. Tracy had urged him to let his daughter sit in jail rather than quickly bail her out, and Brook Lynn won’t like it if that’s what Ned ends up doing.

Not only did Brook Lynn get into a physical fight with the producer, but she inadvertently assaulted a police officer. General Hospital spoilers hint that she probably won’t end up in major trouble for this incident, but a resolution will probably be more difficult than she wants to navigate.

Wednesday’s show will also bring more with Nelle and the bombshell she dropped at the memorial service for Shiloh. As Willow, Jason, and Michael work to wrap their heads around the shocker that she married Shiloh before his death, General Hospital spoilers share that Sonny will start planning a trip with Mike.

It seems that Sonny will take Mike on the road to pursue the potential treatment he learned about. Unfortunately, teasers signal that it won’t go as smoothly as he’s hoping. As jam-packed as Wednesday’s show will be, General Hospital spoilers share that there’s plenty more chaos on the way as the week continues and viewers are anxious to see what’s on the horizon.