‘Call Of Duty’ Next Chapter Rumored To Be Named ‘Call Of Duty: Ghosts’

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty is getting a new chapter to its story this year. That much has already been confirmed by Activision. The question out there now is whether or not the game has a new title and what will actually be included. Call of Duty: Ghosts is slated to be the next in this chapter of video game series

If the reports are accurate then one detail we do know, other than the new title is that it the next installment of this series will only be offered up on the next generation of consoles.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has been wildly popular since it was first released and the next generation console will likely be even more impressive. This game was originally set to be called Modern Warfare 4 but if the recent rumors can be believed that name has since been skuttled.

While quite a few of these battle games have been set in the future recently, this game will change things up a bit. Apparently one of the plot points will force the characters to use weapons that are around now, rather than something like death rays or weird futuristic explosives.

Ghosts will bring quite a few changes to the army game genre if the swirling rumors can be believed. Movement will be adapted so that soldiers can dive and slide from a prone position. The game is also expected to have dynamic loading scenes such as crashing through windows or rapeling out of a helicopter.

Obviously, these dynamic scenes will be easier to construct on the next generation consoles than they would be using the Xbox 360 or the PS3.

If there is one problem with all of these rumors, it is that none of them have been confirmed by Activision. Some of the rumors that have recently been brought up match up with whispers that have been floating around for a while.

Are you excited to see what Call of Duty: Ghosts has in store?