Alicia Keys Is Makeup-Free & Sharing Secrets In New Instagram Video

Alicia Keys is makeup-free and sharing some motivational secrets in a new video she posted to Instagram. The former The Voice coach appealed to fans to take any self-doubt they feel they have in their lives and — instead of making it a hinderance — use it to their advantage.

The stunning multiple Grammy-winning singer and songwriter donned a white robe and towel atop her head for the revealing clip, where she addressed her followers directly.

Alicia’s face was flawless, her freckles showing and her eyes clear and bright as she spoke of how to “make doubt motivate you.” She then challenged her followers to go and “create your world.”

In the video, which appears to have been taken in her home, Alicia spoke of both listening to that inner voice that tries to plant seeds of doubt when attempting something new and to step out of the comfort zone and acknowledge the struggle, rather than push it away.

She said in the clip that she believes that listening to that voice, hearing it, then moving on is the best way to live. Otherwise, the self-doubt will take control and will never allow for the joy of existing in a full and happy manner.

Alicia regularly addresses her Instagram followers directly, attempting to share some of the things she has learned throughout her journey. She also encourages her followers to share their own journey with her, so she can benefit from their experiences as well.

Fans seemed to appreciate the singer’s advice and many shared their own ways of pushing past feelings of self-doubt in their life.

“Acknowledging the disruption will stop the momentum. I LOVE THIS!!! Breathing and movement help me fight through and connect to my body and get OUT of my head!!” fitness professional Anna Kaiser wrote in the comments section.

“Best piece of talk I’ve heard, I know that little voice,” shared a second follower.

Other fans appreciated that Alicia was willing to show her makeup-free skin for the cameras, something many women in the public eye will not do.

“You are an inspiration for showing and promoting your bare natural skin,” complimented a third follower.

Alicia is sharing her advice with her fans as she gets ready to host the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards for the second year in a row. The music industry’s biggest event will be held at The Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday, January 26 on CBS.

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