Kaley Cuoco Rocks 'Biggest Coat Of All Time' In Rome While Praising 'The Flight Attendant' Director

While in Rome, actress Kaley Cuoco rocked the "biggest coat of all time" during filming for her new HBO series, The Flight Attendant.

The actress took to Instagram to share a picture of herself standing next to the director, whom she praised. Cuoco leaned against a brick half wall, and various buildings and trees are visible in the background of the shot. It appeared as if the blond beauty wore a coat over a coat in the photo. She had on an incredibly puffy black jacket that fell to her mid-thigh that she left open. Underneath, Kaley wore a tan coat featuring black buttons, and it was slightly shorter than her outer coat. The actress wrapped a large gray scarf around her neck. She paired the whole look with black, wide-leg pants, and black-and-cream boots. She wore her blond hair straight, and it fell over both shoulders and down her back. The Big Bang Theory star stared off into the distance with a dramatic look on her face.

In the caption, she noted that she hopes to direct one day and praised her boss. Kaley also credited Emma Ross as the photographer. Fans adored the sneak peek into the show's production, and nearly 45,000 Instagram users hit the "like" button to express their love of the share. Plus, more than 200 followers also left a positive comment for the actress in the reply section.

"Love the outfit under the big a** jacket. From what I can see, lol," wrote one follower.

"I'm curious....what's the temperature that you think it's freezing?" another Instagram user asked, and several more chimed in wanting to know the answer.

Fans were also sympathetic to the great coffee disaster the Kaley chronicled in her Instagram story. The actress was unable to get coffee at her hotel or a coffee shop until 6:30 a.m., but she had to be at work before that. The lack of caffeine led to her trying out the instant coffee in her hotel room.

"So sorry to hear about the coffee in Rome. Strange I live in a small town in Bari, and the bars open really early because there are people who go to work at 6 am, and we have some open bars at 5 am open and some that close at 3 or 4 am, so yes we have bars open at all time. PS my town is Santeramo in Colle," replied one fan.

The Inquisitr previously reported that the actress shared her dislike of early mornings over a cup of Joe, which she drank out of a "Wifey" mug.