Piers Morgan Calls Meghan Markle A ‘Selfish Social Climber,’ Says She ‘Ghosted’ Him In Latest Op-Ed

Piers Morgan has a bone to pick with Meghan Markle. The outspoken Britsh journalist is once again calling out the Duchess of Sussex and her husband Prince Harry, days after calling them “deluded clowns” amid their bombshell announcement to step down as “senior” members of the royal family.

In a fiery new op-ed for The Daily Mail, Morgan blasted Duchess Meghan’s claims that the couple has been bullied by the press and that racism played a factor in their decision, which will now have them splitting their time between the U.K. and Canada.

“Meghan and Harry haven’t been criticized because of her color but because she’s a selfish social climber and he’s a weak whiner – and by playing this despicable race card they have grossly libeled all of Britain,” Morgan wrote.

He noted that Meghan’s mixed-race heritage was “embraced” by royal watchers early on and he accused the couple of recklessly playing the “race card.”

Morgan did not mince words as he skewered the rebel royals for their disrespect toward 93-year-old Queen Elizabeth.

“How dare they so arrogantly announce they’re going to pursue a more ‘progressive’ agenda for the Royal Family without having the courtesy to run it past a woman who has presided on the throne for more than six decades – and done a magnificent job of it,” he said.

Morgan accused Meghan and Harry of wanting to get off “the boring bits” of the royal train, but still wanting to be “royal stars.”

In his lengthy rant, Morgan also called out Meghan, a former star on the drama series Suits, for her $500,000 star-studded baby shower — which included VIP celebrity guests such as Amal Clooney and Gayle King. The lavish party for the duchess took place on the same day she and Harry tweeted a plea for people to “think of the poor.”

A clearly frustrated Morgan also pointed out the hypocrisy of the couple preaching about the need for everyone to watch their carbon-footprint, then hopping on pal Elton John’s private jet in the same breath.

Morgan also alleged that Meghan has a history of “dropping” people in her life. The ITV star went on to reiterate that the future Duchess of Sussex “ghosted” him after their 18-month friendship the “second” she met Harry. The Good Morning Britain host thinks the former actress’s latest actions are proof that she hasn’t changed since he knew her — and perhaps never will.

“I’ve sadly come to the conclusion Meghan’s a selfish, ruthless social climber who’s spent her life using and dropping people, and is now doing it to the royals,” Morgan wrote.

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