Gigi Hadid Summoned As Potential Juror In Upcoming Harvey Weinstein Trial

Harvey Weinstein’s trial for rape is ramping up, and hundreds of people have been called into the courtroom to be interviewed as potential jurors for the trial. The latest group of 120 potential jurors included one surprising face: supermodel Gigi Hadid.

Weinstein’s New York trial began last Monday, and Judge James Burke asked 120 jurors today, the fifth day of jury selection, about any conflicts that would eliminate them as jurors, according to Page Six.

“Anyone believe you know me, the defendant or anyone of the lawyers?” the judge asked.

Hadid raised her hand and was called on by the judge. She stood and identified herself.

“I have met the defendant,” she informed the judge as Weinstein looked on.

“Do you think you can be a fair and impartial juror in this case?” the judge asked.

Hadid responded that she felt she could.

For the next part of the jury selection, the judge read a list of dozens of names of people who may be referred to — or may be witnesses — during the testimony. He asked if any of the potential jurors had met the people on the list. Hadid raised her hand again.

“I have met Salma Hayek and possibly Ryan Beatty,” she told the judge.

Judge Burke asked Hadid if the thought that those interactions could prevent her from being impartial.

“I think I’m still able to keep an open mind on the facts,” she said.

During the selection, dozens of potential jurors were dismissed, many because they did not feel that they could be impartial. However, Hadid and a few others stayed behind to fill out a follow-up questionnaire.

Apparently, nothing Hadid said concerned the court too much, because she was told to return next week, along with other potential jurors who passed the initial screening. When they return, 12 jurors and six alternate jurors will be selected for the Weinstein trial, which kicks into high gear with opening statements scheduled for January 22.

Weinstein faces two counts of sexual assault, two counts of rape, and one count of a criminal sex act, which could result in a life-long prison sentence if he is convicted. Weinstein has denied the accusations, saying that he deserves accolades for how he has treated women. The Hollywood mogul claimed that he had made more movies featuring women and directed by a woman than any other filmmaker. He also said that he had labored to close the pay gap for women, citing Gwyneth Paltrow’s impressive salary for View from the Top.

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