‘This Is Us’ Fans Divided Over Status Of Toby & Kate’s Relationship As Show Returns From Hiatus

This Is Us fans appear divided over the relationship status of Toby (Chris Sullivan) and Kate (Chrissy Metz) as the show returns from its hiatus. The upcoming shows will delve into one of the biggest issues left on the table as the series took its winter break — the future of Toby and Kate’s marriage. Kate found incriminating text messages on her husband’s phone during the Pearson clan’s Thanksgiving celebration and fans are unsure what she is going to do about it.

Teasers for the new episodes have viewers on the edge of their seats, wondering if Kate asking Toby if he is “pulling away” and his affirmative response will mean the end to their love story, which spanned the first three years of the series and was a beloved pairing.

In a scene for the twosome prior to the winter break, Toby asked Kate to take a photo of him and Jack to commemorate his first Thanksgiving holiday. When Kate picked up Toby’s phone she saw a text message from a Crossfit group chat where it appeared that one female member was offering emotional support to Toby.

In the near-future flash-forward, which occurred just moments before the episode ended, Kate was wearing her wedding ring, but she signed documents on behalf of Rebecca as Kate Pearson — her maiden name — during an intimate 40th birthday celebration for the big three.

A new photo uploaded to the show’s official Instagram account shows Toby solo, but it appears to come from a scene where the couple faces their estrangement. Toby dealt with his anxiety over his son Jack’s vision impairment by compulsive exercise and Kate dealt with it by stress-eating.

Fans are wondering just what will happen throughout the rest of season 4. There is a clear division in the comments section of the Instagram post. Some fans believe that Toby has not inherently changed, while others think that the stress of their situation will cause the couple to hit their breaking point.

“Every relationship goes through changes, as well as every person goes through changes. It doesn’t make someone bad just because they are going through something. He’s still the same Toby,” commented a viewer on the new dynamic between the couple.

“I can’t wait!! I like how they are tackling the issues of raising a former 28-week premature baby with ongoing medical issues and how that can be an added stress to a marriage. Toby and Kate better not be breaking up!! I know they can work through their issues and come out strong,” a second viewer wrote.

A third viewer noted that they are anxious to find out what happens and are hopeful the couple doesn’t pull the plug on their relationship. They also called This Is Us their “favorite show.”

This Is Us returns for the conclusion of season 4 on January 14 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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