WWE News: Stone Cold Steve Austin Says The Undertaker Made Him Forget What To Do In A Match

One of the most dominating forces in the history of WWE is The Undertaker, and his presence is more than enough to captivate everyone. Over the years, The Undertaker has had many big-time entrances to the ring and fans are always overcome whenever he heads down for his next match. Stone Cold Steve Austin was always the professional in the ring, but he recalls a time when the entrance of The Undertaker was enough to make him forget what he was doing.

There were so many great matches between Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker, but the last one was long ago. The two iconic legends feuded over different titles in WWE and through multiple storylines, and fans will always remember the time spent in the ring by both of them.

Anyone who has watched wrestling knows how the entrance of The Undertaker is always one of the best moments of any event. He has come down from the heavens, up from under the stage, been brought out in a hearse, and even magically appeared from a bolt of lightning.

During a recent episode of Broken Skull Sessions, Austin told a story from the past where he wrestled The Undertaker at a house show long ago. As transcribed by Ringside News, Austin was in such complete awe of Taker’s entrance that he entirely forgot what he was supposed to do.

Austin said that they were on the road and he was set to face The Undertaker at this house show, but they gave him the smoke for his entrance. It must have been rather early in Austin’s WWE run as he said he was “just kind of catching” his groove at the time this match was going to take place.

For the match, Steve Austin said they knew what the end result was going to be, but the two superstars were going to call the action in the ring. As he waited for The Undertaker to begin his entrance, Austin was thinking of how things would go, but that was when it all went bad.

“So I’m thinking that I’m gonna do this and that and I’m working this and all of a sudden they smoke it up and here he comes and my mind went blank. I’m watching that big son of a gun walking to the ring and I’m now thinking, ‘Man what was I gonna do?'”

“He comes to the ring and he does the lights and we just started going, but I didn’t know what I was doing because I was so blown away by his presence.”

The Undertaker always puts on a good show even if he doesn’t end up having a match at the event he appears on. There were many fortunate WWE fans who happened to see a match between the two, and the entrance of The Undertaker is always something to behold. As is evident by Stone Cold Steve Austin’s story, even the professionals in the wrestling world can’t help but be impressed by his walk to the ring.

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