Jana Duggar Makes A Confession About Her Twin Connection With John David In A Sweet Birthday Post

Jana Duggar shared a heartfelt message for her twin brother, John David, on their shared birthday.

On Sunday, Jana took to Instagram to wish her brother a happy 30th birthday. In her post, she revealed the top twin-related question that she and John get asked. The Counting On star wrote that everyone always wants to know whether she and John have a special twin connection that allows them to “feel what the other one is feeling or know what the other one is thinking.” According to Jana, this is something she and John have been asked about since they were children.

While many twins might claim to share this special bond, Jana revealed that she has always answered curious non-twins honestly by telling them that she has never felt this type of connection with her brother. However, when John got an extra-special early birthday gift, she did get a taste of what having the “twin thing” might be like.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, John and his wife, Abbie, welcomed their first child to the world just days before John and Jana celebrated their 30th birthday. Jana mentioned the arrival of her niece, Grace Annette Duggar, in her birthday message for her brother. According to the oldest Duggar daughter, she felt the same joy as John did when the little girl was born.

Jana also revealed that her niece already has a nickname, when she referred to her as “Gracie.” She went on to describe John and Abbie as “naturals” when it comes to parenting, and she praised her twin for possessing a lengthy list of positive qualities, including being “one to think outside the box.”

Jana’s post included a few photos of herself and John. In one snapshot, she and the licensed pilot were pictured posing together in the cockpit of one of the Duggar family’s planes. Jana’s second slideshow photo was a picture of the twins trying on matching glasses. Her post also included a snapshot of herself and John as babies, as well as a photo of John and Abbie with their newborn daughter.

Jana’s 648,000 Instagram followers took to the comments section of her post to wish her and her twin a happy birthday. Jana was also praised for sharing such a sweet, thoughtful tribute to her brother.

“That’s a lovely tribute Jana, you have a gift with words! Happy birthday to you and John,” wrote one fan.

“Your description of him sounds a lot like you. Happy Birthday to you both!” read another response to Jana’s post.

“Awww this melted my heart!!!” a third admirer remarked.

“This makes my heart so happy!” a fourth commenter wrote. “I’m a mom of boy/girl twins and pray they will always stay close!”

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