‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease That Brook Lynn Is Excited And Ready To Share Big News

Amanda Setton plays Brook Lynn on 'General Hospital'
Valerie Durant / ABC

During Monday’s episode of General Hospital, spoilers detail that Brook Lynn will get some exciting news and have something to share with her family. Brook Lynn has struggled to find her place since returning to Port Charles, and it seems she may come to think she’s got a path forward that could help.

A new sneak peek from ABC lays the groundwork for Brook Lynn’s excitement. The clip starts with Tracy walking into the living room, noting that Brook Lynn has her focus entirely on her phone. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Brook Lynn will tell her granny that she just got really good news, and it’s that Nikolas is still alive.

Tracy will shrug off this news, wondering why it’s so wonderful. Brook Lynn will retort that maybe Tracy should text her “boyfriend” Luke to share the news since Luke has a history with Nik.

In response, Tracy will note that Lulu has probably already told Luke about Nikolas, and she’ll wonder why Brook Lynn is so touchy. General Hospital spoilers detail that Brook Lynn will explain that it was just nice for someone she thought had been dead for three years to call to tell her he was alive and ask how she is doing.

As General Hospital fans surely remember, Brook Lynn and Nikolas do have a past with one another. ABC Soaps in Depth explains that the last time Brook Lynn was in town, she connected with Nikolas. She had been brought to town by Carly, who wanted her to seduce Dante, and this generated all sorts of drama.

When that imploded, Brook Lynn began working for Nik, and they started to develop romantic feelings for one another. Elizabeth ended up causing some complications in this burgeoning romance, but Nik chose Brook Lynn. Eventually, however, she left Port Charles to pursue her music career.

Brook Lynn will quip that it’s nice to have someone care about how she’s doing since nobody else has asked. A moment later, Brook Lynn will start to tell Tracy something she’s excited about. Unfortunately, she’s interrupted by Michael and Ned.

Ned, Tracy, and Michael will talk about an ELQ meeting and the decisions that need to be made regarding Oscar’s stocks. Brook Lynn will soon interrupt and reveal that she has an exciting announcement to make.

Just what is this good news that has Brook Lynn so happy? Is it related to Nikolas being alive and back in Port Charles, or something else?

According to SheKnows Soaps, the Quartermaines are about to face a major challenge, and it seems likely this is related to Oscar’s shares of ELQ. The family will be forced to come together to navigate this, and it’ll be interesting to see how Brook Lynn fits into this transition.

General Hospital spoilers tease that there’s a big week of action ahead that will involve Brook Lynn, Nikolas, and plenty of others in Port Charles. From the sounds of things, fans won’t want to miss where this heads next.