WWE News: Triple H Discusses The Possibility Of Edge And Paige Returning To Action

In recent weeks, there has been talk of Edge and Paige returning to the squared circle. Both superstars are currently retired from in-ring competition as a result of career-ending injuries, but it is believed that their situations have changed recently, and they might be able to compete again. That being said, Triple H doesn’t believe that fans should get their hopes up.

“The Game” recently spoke to Sportskeeda, where he discussed the likelihood of either performer stepping into the ring again. According to the Hall of Famer, he’d love to see them wrestle again because he’s a fan of their work, but he also stressed that their health comes first and suggested that they haven’t been cleared by WWE‘s medical team.

During the interview, Triple H also opened up about WWE’s process when it comes to allowing superstars to compete. The former World Champion revealed that no wrestler is allowed to step into a WWE ring unless the company is 100% sure that there will be no long-term side effects.

“If we believe it’s not in your best interest, we put the human being first, and their long-term health. Life goes on for a long time after this ends. Especially now. The style and the physicality has increased dramatically, so if you get to a point where we’re telling you, medically, ‘Not in your best interest,’ you can do a lot of things to get back to that.”

Perhaps Triple H is trying to downplay the possibility of both performers returning in an effort to make their comebacks more surprising. However, as The Inquisitr previously reported, Edge is already expected to make an appearance at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view as an entrant in the titular 30-man Battle Royale match.

Rumors of his comeback have been consistent since last year’s SummerSlam event after he showed up and speared Elias to the mat. Given that it was the first time that “The Rated R Superstar” performed a wrestling maneuver since 2011, the segment led some fans to believe that he was healthy enough to wrestle. Furthermore, following the pay-per-view, Edge spoke about the segment on his podcast, where he revealed that he feels like he has another match in him.

News of Paige’s reported imminent return has also made headlines recently. The WWE Backstage pundit teased the possibility of another match on Twitter recently, revealing how this year will be great for her career. However, she may have been talking about her role as an on-air personality.

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