David Dobrik Surprises People With Justin Bieber In Newest YouTube Video

David Dobrik, who is known for his comedic four minute and 20 second vlogs, enlisted the help of a major celebrity for his most recent YouTube video. In the video, Dobrik invites college students off the street to sit in the passenger seat of his car alongside him. He then asks for their honest opinion about Justin Bieber and his music only to have Bieber pop up from the backseat, according to Dexerto.

Fans knew that a collaboration between Dobrik and Bieber was coming because paparazzi snagged photos of the two along with several of Dobrik’s other friends embracing at the UCLA campus. Their collaboration comes just after Bieber’s recent announcement that he was diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

Despite Bieber’s health condition, he appeared to be in good spirits throughout the video. He jumped up to hug shocked and screaming fans after they realized he’d been in the car with them the whole time.

Just about all the college students Dobrik welcomed into his Tesla were admittedly fans of Bieber and not ashamed to admit it.

“Oh, I love him, I wanted to marry him, honestly. I’m sad. I’m obviously sad about Hailey, but it’s okay, though,” one student said, expressing her jealousy of model Hailey Baldwin, whom Bieber recently married.

When Bieber jumped out to give her a hug, the fan was brought to tears.

“I’ve looked up to you so much,” she told him.

In one particularly comical moment, one of the fans told Dobrik that while he loved Bieber as a person, he wasn’t a fan of the singer’s most recent song, “Yummy.”

His comment caused Bieber to jump out, faking anger and pretend to put the student into a headlock.

Unsurprisingly, Dobrik’s video was yet another smash success, gaining nearly 1 million views in only a couple hours after it was posted. Dobrik has over 15 million subscribers on his YouTube channel in total and over 11 million followers on Instagram.

This is not the first time that Dobrik has used this concept for a YouTube video. In the past, he surprised fans with makeup mogul Kylie Jenner whom he had hide in the backseat of his car and pop out. That video remains one of his most popular yet, sitting at 22 million views. It even helped him a land a Streamy Award in 2019 in the Collaborate category.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Dobrik won in three total categories at the Streamy Awards, also taking home an award in the First Person category as well as for Best Ensemble Cast.

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