Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Reveals She Wants To Appear On ‘Flirty Dancing’

Jenelle Evans attends the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Jenelle Evans shared her life on the hit MTV reality show, Teen Mom 2, for nearly a decade before the network cut ties with her early last year. Now, the mom-of-three is revealing that she wouldn’t mind appearing on another reality show in the future.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Jenelle recently shared which show she would like to appear on.

“We need @FlirtyDanceFOX reality stars edition.. and put me on it!” she wrote. With her post, she included an emoji that featured a dancer wearing a red dress along with two pink heart emojis.

Flirty Dancing is a new reality show that is airing on Fox. The show is hosted by Jenna Dewan and combines blind dates with dancing. The show features two people learning and then performing a dance together while on a blind date. Through the dance, the couples can see whether or not they have chemistry together. The show is in its first season, and only a few episodes in, but it sounds like Jenelle is already a fan.

It’s unclear if Jenelle was being serious about wanting to potentially go on a reality show star edition of the show, but fans would likely tune in to watch her dance her way to love.

The former reality show star announced her split from her estranged husband, David Eason, late last year and has since moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Although she appeared on MTV for nearly a decade, the network cut ties with her last year following an incident in which David reportedly shot her pet French bulldog, Nugget.

Fans have wondered if Jenelle will be brought back to the reality show since she has left David. Shortly before she announced her split from David, Jenelle was reported to be in New York City during the same time as the Teen Mom 2 reunion taping. Reportedly, the network wanted to discuss the possibility of her returning to the show, but so far, there has not been any indication that she will rejoin the cast of Teen Mom 2.

Of course, just because she may not return to the hit MTV reality show, that doesn’t mean fans won’t see her on a different reality show in the future. It sounds like Jenelle has interest in appearing on a different reality show and fans would love to see what the mom-of-three has been up to in recent months.

For now, fans can keep up with Jenelle on her social media accounts where she shares photos of her kids and lets fans know what’s on her mind.