WWE News: Kurt Angle Reveals Original Planned Opponent For ‘WrestleMania’ Retirement Match


WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle retired from in-ring action at last year’s WrestleMania pay-per-view, and since then, he’s been serving as a backstage producer. The Olympic gold medalist competed against Baron Corbin and put the current superstar over, which triggered a push for the younger talent. However, according to Angle, he was originally scheduled to face another rising superstar.

As quoted by Ringside News, Angle recently discussed his final match in an interview with Chris Van Vliet, and revealed that he would have competed against his fictional son if circumstances had allowed him to.

“Vince wanted me to go another year. For the most part, yes Jason [Jordan] would have been my last match and it would have made sense. I adore that kid. He’s so talented and you know he got a lot of heat for being my son and he played the part great that’s why people hated…him. He was being a spoiled brat about everything. He was using me to get what he wanted. It was a great… Vince was great with that.”

Jordan has been out of action for two years as the result of a shoulder injury, and there’s no telling if he’ll ever return to the squared circle. Prior to his injury, however, the superstar was involved in a storyline where he played Angle’s entitled son. Angle was general manager of Monday Night Raw at the time, and Jordan tried to exploit their familial bond for opportunities.

During the interview, Angle also gave an update on Jordan’s current situation. The Hall of Famer revealed that the superstar might need another surgery on his shoulder, but stated that he’s doing well. Jordan is also working as a backstage producer at the moment, but Angle’s words suggest that Jordan is hoping to make an in-ring return at some point.

Corbin being chosen as Angle’s final opponent wasn’t a popular decision among a vocal contingent of the WWE Universe. Corbin is a divisive superstar, and the build-up to Angle’s final match wasn’t given much focus by the WWE creative team. However, Angle believes that his opponent did a fine job and even praised his in-ring abilities, calling him “great.”

Angle doesn’t appear to have any regrets about his final match, though, and is clearly enjoying his retirement. It’s just a shame that fans never got to see him face Jordan, who is widely regarded as a great technical wrestler, just like his fictional father was throughout his career.