Abby Lee Miller Shows Off The Dance Moves She Can Do With The Help Of Her Walker

Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms has had a pretty challenging last few years, to say the least. She spent eight months in prison in 2017 after being charged with bankruptcy fraud. Shortly after, she was diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma, a type of cancer that starts in the immune cells. Her grueling surgeries and chemotherapy treatments left her confined to a wheelchair. But she has hope that things may change soon, according to Survivor Net.

Being stuck in a wheelchair prohibited Miller from doing the thing she loves the most, and is the most known for: dancing. This didn’t keep her from heading back to the set of Dance Moms. Miller has regained some of her strength and is now able to do some of the dance moves she wasn’t able to complete previously, as she showed in a recent Instagram video.

Fans were amazed to see Miller back on her feet in the video, which was taken at a physical therapy facility, needing only a little support from a walker. She smiled proudly while showing off her newfound ability to be able to bend down and straighten herself back up.

Fans and even some of Miller’s former colleagues and students were quick to praise her hard work in the comment section.

“New Year! New Goal! New Hope!” was her uplifting caption.

“I love your hair and I’m so proud of you,” wrote singer Todrick Hall, who has worked with Miller in the past.

“Your progress is truly inspiring! Incredible job, one day that walker won’t even be there and you’ll be giving your dancers a run for their money,” wrote a fan.

Miller had been candid about her cancer battle and recovery journey, often documenting her progress on social media. In an emotional interview from 2019, the dance instructor explained some of the hardest parts about her lack of mobility due to her health problems. She explained that while many might think her inability to walk would be the hardest part, there were other aspects of life in a wheelchair that were even more challenging, for example not being able to go to the bathroom on her own.

Miller had to rely on a catheter due to her inability to go to the bathroom as she normally would, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

“People always think the worst part of being in a wheelchair is not being able to walk or ride a bike, but for me, it’s just the process of using the bathroom,” she said.

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