Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Reportedly Bought Their Neighbor’s House So They Could Have A Personal Farm

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West own a massive home in Los Angeles, but it seems that their six-acre Hidden Hills compound may not be big enough to fit everything they want. The couple reportedly purchased their neighbor’s home to add 1.5 acres to their property. Purportedly, the couple wanted to add the property because they hope to get back to nature with their own farm.

According to, Kim and Kanye originally purchased their home in 2014 for a cool $19.75 million. Since then, they’ve purchased neighboring properties to expand their already massive holdings. The property that they just reportedly purchased adjoining theirs cost them an additional $2.9 million and adds a four-bedroom house, another pool, a horse barn, and a corral.

The couple apparently plans to combine their new property with their existing acreage in order to have spaces for visiting guests and a personal spa. But it isn’t all going to be glamour — the couple apparently also wants to turn part of the new property into their own little farm that might include a vegetable garden and an orchard.

A personal farm isn’t a totally out-there concept. Apparently, lots of people are looking to add some organic food and nature to their modern lifestyles.

Some people in the Los Angeles area choose to plant citrus and avocado trees along with gardens for fruits and veggies.

“These integrate well with native gardens, don’t require chemical fertilizers or pesticides to thrive, and they’ll attract beneficial pollinators,” local landscaper Cassy Aoyagi said.

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Los Angeles has been losing its greenery at an astonishing rate, which may be part of what is driving people to add their own greenery.

“L.A. has lost 55% of its tree canopy in the past 10 years, which makes the city hotter and may feed the wildfire risk,” Aoyagi said.

The concern about wildfire is a real one for the Kardashian-West clan. Their home was one of the many threatened by the 2018 wildfires in the state. Kardashian was even forced to hire private firefighters to battle the blaze as it neared their home.

“This area was under mandated evacuation orders during last year’s Woolsey fire and was threatened by the recent Easy fire that burned north of the more impactful Getty fire,” Aoyagi said.

There’s no word about whether or not the existing ranch-style house will stay or get torn down for something new.

Kardashian appears to be on a bit of a spending spree in recent days. In addition to even more property, she revealed that she has purchased several pieces of memorabilia at an auction, including a hat and jacket worn by Michael Jackson.