‘Bachelor’ Star Catherine Giudici Reveals She Made Some ‘Bad Calls’ In New Instagram Photo With Baby Mia

Robin MarchantGetty Images

Former Bachelor star Catherine Giudici revealed in a new Instagram post that she made some “bad calls” during her first few weeks home after giving birth to her third child Mia. She realized that she needs to be kinder to herself and listen to her body more as she recovers from pregnancy.

The former reality star and wife of Sean Lowe revealed in a caption to an image taken of her and her infant daughter that she “did too much” for several days. She stated she felt “good” after giving birth but didn’t listen to her body after surgery so she intended to take a few days to just rest and enjoy cradling her daughter.

The image that accompanied the post showed Catherine snuggling the stunning infant, her and Sean’s third child, which was born on December 23. Mother and daughter appear to be seated on a sofa in the family’s home, enjoying some quiet time together.

Catherine appears to be looking down at her daughter, her long brown hair flowing around her face, as Mia slept peacefully wrapped in a fuzzy, cream-colored blanket in her mother’s arms. She has the same fair hair like her father and strikingly similar facial features as her older siblings Samuel and Isaiah.

Fans loved the image and took to the comments section of the post to not only share their sentiments regarding an update about the baby but to tell Catherine not to be so hard on herself and to allow herself the necessary time to heal properly before entering back into full-time mom life.

“Same here we think we feel wonderful and then BAM!!! Nope lol. Enjoy resting with your bundle of joy,” said one follower of the former reality star.

“Awww I think we’ve all been there, I’m for sure guilty of overdoing it after birth, especially when it’s your third!!! Enjoy relaxing and those sweet snuggles. The best recovery” said a second fan of the family, followed by a heart emoji.

“Baby’s don’t keep! So hold on as long as you can!” reminded a third fan of Catherine of the short period of time when babies are infants and content to be snuggled by their mother before they begin to explore the world.

Just one day earlier, Catherine shared an updated image of her two sweet boys playing with one another, joking that they were acting up to try to take some of the attention away from their sweet little sister.