‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Major Spoilers: What’s Next After Universal Conflict Saga Ends?

Dragon Ball Heroes Universal Conflict Saga concluded with Gogeta, Jiren the Gray, Hit, and the Universe 7 fighters teaming up to beat Core Area Warriors leader Super Hearts. After joining forces with Jiren and Hit in destroying the giant meteor, Gogeta completely defeated Super Hearts by breaking the crystal located in his chest. However, though Super Hearts and the Core Area Warriors are all gone, the world is still not safe, especially knowing that Super Fu still exists.

In the final scenes of Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 19, Super Fu thanked Super Hearts for his contribution to their “universe creation experiment,” saying that the results that they got were fascinating. Though he’s left alone in his secret laboratory, it seems like Super Fu is planning to do another huge “experiment.” After Universal Conflict Saga officially came to an end, Dragon Ball Heroes is set to introduce a new arc.

As revealed in Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 19, the next arc of the promotional anime series is titled “Big Bang Mission.” It is expected to air in March 2020 and will involve all the Gods of Destruction and Super Fu.

“Heya, I’m Goku. A new battle’s gonna start again. The Gods of Destruction are on the attack, and Fu’s moving forward with his next scheme. Don’t miss this outstanding battle.”

Though there is only limited information available regarding the next arc, most Dragon Ball fans will definitely be hyped knowing that it will be featuring the Gods of Destruction. It remains a mystery what will be the next experiment of Super Fu, but Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Mission Saga could give fans some insight regarding the power rankings of the Gods of Destructions. Since they were all introduced in Dragon Ball Super, there has been a major debate among fans regarding who is the most powerful God of Destruction.

Aside from Big Bang Mission, Dragon Ball Heroes is also set to release a special episode. As mentioned after the closing credits of Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 19, the special episode is titled “Decisive Battle! Time Patrol vs the Lord of Darkness!” and will be streaming in late February.

“A new fight starts here. A battle to protect space-time, with all of the Time Patrol together.”

The upcoming special episode of Dragon Ball Heroes will be featuring the elite members of the Time Patrol fighting the forces of evil who are led by the so-called “Lord of Darkness.” The “Lord of Darkness” looks very powerful. Though he resembles the appearance of a Saiyan, the Potara earrings that he wears hinted that he’s a former Kaioshin that decided to take the side of evil.

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