Megyn Kelly Ridicules Joaquin Phoenix For Wanting To Recycle His Awards Show Tuxedo

The first awards show of the season took place with the Golden Globes, and there were many messages delivered of the personal and political variety. Joaquin Phoenix took home the award for the best actor in a drama and delivered a profanity-laced speech that left many scratching their heads. Now, he’s under fire for wanting to recycle his awards season tuxedo as Megyn Kelly thinks he’s being quite ridiculous.

The 77th annual Golden Globes delivered some shocking winners to go along with all of strange or inspiring messages that came forth. Even though Phoenix may have rambled on and said some weird things in his acceptance speech, he’s still working on trying to do his part for the planet.

As revealed by Too Fab, designer Stella McCartney took to Instagram to deliver an announcement regarding Joaquin Phoenix and his plans for all the award shows this season. He not only stayed simple with a classic black tuxedo for the Golden Globes, but he was going to remain in that fashion for months to come.

Not only would he remain in that fashion, but Phoenix is going to remain in the same outfit. The Joker actor plans on wearing the exact same tux to any and all award shows to help reduce waste on Earth.

There were many comments supporting Phoenix for his gesture and the fact that he was looking to protect the planet, the animals, and the human race. PETA even applauded him and thanked him for “creating a #vegansuit that will shine all award season.”

Others commented that it was merely a publicity stunt or that it didn’t really matter because he wasn’t doing more. Some people can’t believe that he’s receiving praise for simply wearing the same tuxedo more than once and some children don’t even have a single pair of shoes or decent pants to wear.

Janice Dean is a meteorologist for Fox News, and she decided to comment on Joaquin Phoenix’s act of kindness. She mentioned how her husband wears the same firefighter outfit when going to save people and gave an eyeroll.

That’s when Megyn Kelly jumped in.

That ended up leading to a good bit of people coming in to slam Kelly for trying to put someone down for doing a good thing. Others jumped on her argument and sided with her over the idea that Joaquin Phoenix was not really do anything substantial but getting plenty of attention.

For those who are going to continue watching the shows during this awards season, you’re going to see the star of Joker in a very familiar outfit.

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