Johnny Galecki Playfully Disses Kaley Cuoco’s Morning Show Again As She Talks TV And Mugs

Johnny Galecki is having a hard time getting into Kaley Cuoco‘s new IGTV morning show. On Sunday, Johnny took to Instagram to reveal that he still hasn’t managed to watch a complete episode of Cup of Cuoco.

In addition to playing one of America’s favorite TV couples on The Big Bang Theory, Johnny and Kaley dated in real life for two years. Thankfully, their split was an amicable one, and they remained such good friends that Johnny occasionally comments on Kaley’s Instagram posts. He’s already responded to her Cup of Cuoco videos twice, and neither of his reviews have been positive.

Luckily, Johnny tacked on a friendly “XO” at the end of his most recent comment, which let Kaley and her Instagram followers know that his remarks shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

“Someday I’ll make it through an entire one of these. I swear. XO,” the actor wrote.

The video that he couldn’t finish watching was under six minutes long, and it was mostly about mugs and television. Kaley kicked off the Cup of Cuoco episode by showing off a coffee cup emblazoned with her morning show’s title. She revealed that it was a belated Christmas present from her agent, and she called it “one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.”

“The show is real now that I have a mug,” Kaley said.

She also showed off her Christmas-themed nightshirt, which had a snowman on it.

Kaley’s next topic of discussion was her excitement about the Golden Globes. She revealed that she’s a big fan of this year’s host, Ricky Gervais, and she said that she enjoys watching her peers get recognized for all of their hard work. The actress also spoke at length about how executive producing her new HBO Max series, The Flight Attendant, has given her a new appreciation for all of the people who work behind the scenes to help bring shows to life.

Kaley said that hasn’t attended any awards shows recently because she’s been busy working on The Flight Attendant. However, she stated that she’ll start hitting the awards show circuit again next year, also sharing her belief that nightshirts should be considered appropriate red carpet attire.

The talkative star also spoke about her love of television, revealing that she’s been really into Restaurant: Impossible lately.

“I love TV. I’m on TV. I love TV. I watch everything,” Kaley said.

If Johnny had watched Kaley’s video all the way through, he would have discovered that it started and ended with mugs, as the new episode concluded with her talking about how “vast” her collection of coffee cups currently is. However, she expressed her desire to expand it until she has “a huge collection of mugs, like a crazy person.”

As reported by The Inquisitr, Johnny previously joked about how he enjoyed Kaley’s “absence” when she took a short break from filming Cup of Cuoco episodes. However, she probably doesn’t mind the playful criticism of her morning show; she recently admitted that it’s “boring” and said that she “can’t believe anyone watches it.”

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