Instagr Outage Across Twitter, Facebook Caused By URL Glitch

Instagr Outage Across Twitter, Facebook Caused By URL Glitch

Instagr, or Instagram, is today experienced major problems with its URL shortener. These technical issues resulted in instagr photos not being available across Twitter and Facebook.

Instead of using Instagr, some people found that using the full name link for Instagram (aka allowed Instagr users a temporary workaround. But many users are waiting for the permanent fix for the URL glitch.

Reports from around the internet says that Instagr URL glitch have been fixed in some cases, although they are working sporadically. I’m assuming the world will have to wait as the changes propagate to all the world’s domain name servers (DNS).

A Facebook spokesperson told The Verge that the Instagr outage should be fixed soon:

“We were making improvements to our domain management, and there were a few technical issues in the migration.”

The last time a major Instagram outage occurred after a power outage took down multiple social media outlets, including Pinterest and Netflix. But fortunately this new problem is likely to be fixed for all very soon.

While waiting for Instagr to start working again, you can check out the latest news related to Instagram. North Korea recently allowed 3G networks that support Instagram and Twitter. The first Instagram ever in North Korea was of a sign in Pyongyang welcoming all nuclear test scientists.

Another funny bit was when Rihanna released nude photos of herself on Instagram, prompting the pop star’s mother to chew her out.

What are you doing while waiting for the Instagr outage to resolve itself?