Fans Speculate That 'Teen Mom 2' Star Leah Messer Is Pregnant After Social Media Post

The cast members of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 often find themselves at the center of pregnancy rumors. Recently, Maci Bookout sparked rumors when fans thought they spotted a baby bump. Now, some are speculating that Leah Messer is pregnant with baby number four after a post she made to her Instagram stories.

According to a report from Teen Mom Talk Now, Leah took to her Instagram stories recently to share a photo of a bottle of blue Gatorade. She held the Gatorade in her hand and included a caption over the photo. It wasn't the photo itself but rather the words she wrote that had fans chattering. She wrote that Gatorade and agua would be her "friend" after the previous night. She used a throwing up emoji to signify that she had spent the night sick.

"What is going on?" she added with four more emoji faces.

Of course, since she was sick all night, some fans immediately suspected that perhaps Leah was pregnant again. Although she is single, she has mentioned meeting someone in Costa Rica recently. Her sister, Victoria Messer, is currently expecting a baby with a man she met in Costa Rica while on vacation, and some fans wondered if perhaps Leah was pregnant as well.

According to the report, a Reddit user pointed out that Leah was in Costa Rica a few months ago. When she appeared on the Teen Mom 2 reunion special that aired last month, Leah opened up about meeting a man while visiting the Central American country. In fact, the man appeared on the reunion via a video call. While he had good things to say about the Teen Mom 2 star, he stressed that the two were just "good friends."

Of course, not everyone was convinced that Leah's post of needing to drink Gatorade and water because she had been throwing up meant that she was pregnant. According to the report, other Reddit users pointed out that it is cold and flu season, and that Leah is more than likely just sick and not pregnant.

At the beginning of the year, Leah Messer took to Instagram to post a photo of herself showing off her trim figure. Promoting a weight loss app, Leah wore a coral-colored cropped sweatshirt. Although it is unclear when the photo was taken, Leah doesn't appear to have a baby bump, making it more likely that Leah is simply ill and not pregnant.