WWE Rumors: Huge Match No Longer Happening

On the latest edition of Monday Night Raw, United States Champion Andrade retained his title in a match against Rey Mysterio. However, the biggest talking point came after the match when Andrade unmasked his opponent. This hinted toward a future stipulation match that could feature Mysterio's mask being on the line, but according to the Wrestling Observer Radio's Bryan Alvarez, that won't be the case at all.

As quoted by Sportskeeda, the journalist revealed his frustration over WWE's lack of logic in regard to the storyline. According to Alvarez, the company led viewers to believe that the rivalry was heading in the direction of such a match taking place, while stating that Monday Night Raw is booked to make people "mad."

"If you watched that show last night, there is no way you can watch that Rey/Andrade match, forget the finish, there is no way you can watch that match and the angle that they did later and not come to the obvious conclusion that they are going to do a Mask vs. Hair or Mask vs. Title match."
He then went on to confirm that WWE has no plans in place to book the stipulation match anytime soon, so fans can expect the feud to revolve around the title and nothing more. There is also the possibility of Mysterio being unmasked without any stakes on the line, as was the case during this week's show, but that remains to be seen.
Of course, wrestling fans are familiar with seeing Mysterio wrestling without his trademark face attire. He spent a substantial portion of his tenure in World Championship Wrestling competing without one. However, he's kept it on since returning to WWE in 2002, as well as during the brief stints where he wrestled for other promotions between then and now.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Mysterio is being tipped for a push on the red brand. He's expected to be involved in the storyline between Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins and the Authors of Pain. Andrade, meanwhile, is reportedly set to enter into a long-term program with Humberto Carillo, as WWE aims to get rising stars over with the fans.

Should plans change and WWE decides to press ahead with the rumored stipulation match between Mysterio and Andrade, the latter claiming the legend's mask would be an effective way to get him over as a top heel on the red brand. Mysterio is a long-serving fan favorite and losing his mask to an up and coming talent would certainly shake things up.