Peter Weber Says ‘I Want To Just Kiss Her’ In Explosive ‘The Bachelor’ Sneak Peek With Hannah Brown

John FleenorABC

A new sneak peek for Monday night’s The Bachelor premiere shows that Peter Weber is going to be quite flustered by one particular interaction. Spoilers detail that he will be meeting 30 women during this episode, but apparently it is The Bachelorette Hannah Brown who shows up and gets him hot and bothered.

ABC has made no secret of the fact that Hannah pops up during Peter’s premiere. Early on, The Bachelor spoilers had suggested that this wouldn’t really amount to all that much and it was perhaps more of a production ploy than anything else. However, more recently, even spoiler king Reality Steve has admitted that this reunion between Peter and Hannah is more substantial than he had anticipated.

Now, a new sneak peek shared by People adds a bit more fuel to the fire. The new clip shows part of what the spoilers have revealed comes toward the end of Monday night’s premiere. Hannah and Peter will have a chat as one of his group dates are slated to be filmed and things take an emotional turn.

The Bachelor spoilers have teased that Hannah and Peter will share some deeply personal thoughts as they work on finding closure. However, they’ll both realize that things aren’t as over between them as they both thought. Hannah will end up crying, mascara running down her face, and she will admit that she has questioned the decisions she made during The Bachelorette.

As he sits with Hannah, Peter will admit that he doesn’t know what to do at this point. Then, as the sneak peek shows, he will seemingly admit to someone else that he knows what he would like to do.

“I can’t help how my heart feels. I look at her, and I just don’t want to stop looking at her, and I want to just kiss her and just…” Peter is seen saying.

The insinuation here is that Peter is talking about Hannah and acknowledging that he wants to kiss her again. It is worth noting that in this section of the sneak peek he doesn’t say her name, although he is wearing the same outfit he wore during their conversation.

Peter is clearly struggling and feeling emotional as he says this, which does seem to suggest that it is Hannah he’s feeling drawn to kiss. In addition, he’s obviously hesitant to admit that or do anything about it, so again, that would seem to confirm that he’s talking about Hannah at this moment.

The Bachelor spoilers tease that viewers are going to be left hanging before this conversation between Peter and Hannah is finished. Not only that, but the buzz is that fans are probably going to be wondering whether these two are really over one another.

Peter insists that his season’s ending will be a surprise, as he has previously admitted that he didn’t envision things going the way they did. Does this reunion with Hannah impact how he proceeds this season on The Bachelor? Spoilers tease that the answer to that big question is unknown at the moment, and everybody will be quite anxious to learn more.