Peter Weber Teases 'Bachelor' Ending, Admits He 'Never Could Have Expected It To Go That Way'

Peter Weber's run as ABC's The Bachelor for the 2020 season is about to start airing, and spoilers suggest that it's going to be a wild ride for everybody involved. Peter appeared on Good Morning America ahead of Monday night's premiere and shared some tidbits that fans will not want to miss.

In the interview, shared via GMA's Twitter page after it aired, Peter avoided getting too specific about what goes down during his journey to find love. The Bachelor spoilers have teased that Hannah Brown appears during the premiere and that this could leave everybody involved pretty rattled. Naturally, Peter simply said that everybody will have to watch to see exactly how this goes. However, he did give a couple of intriguing hints about the overall experience.

So far, Peter has not said whether or not he is engaged, or even if he is actually with someone from his season. Despite that, as he noted during the GMA interview, he says he is very happy now. Most The Bachelor fans would likely say that he doesn't appear to give off a vibe of being alone and heartbroken, which is good news for those hoping he does find love.

Previously, Peter has teased that he is quite confident that the ending to his season won't leak. Now, he shares just a tiny bit more context about that.

"I did not expect it to go the way it did, I never could have expected it to go that way, but I can say I'm happy," Peter teased.

Just what does that mean about how Peter's season ends? Very few people know at this point, but there is plenty of speculation swirling among fans.

Could Peter and Hannah end up together? The Bachelor spoilers haven't exactly ruled out that possibility, and he teases that people will have to tune in to see what happens. When asked if he has made peace with everything that happened between the two of them, he says he has. Peter added that he thinks they are both in a really good spot in their lives at this point.

From the sounds of things, fans will probably have more questions than answers by the end of Monday night's premiere. The Bachelor spoilers have teased that it's definitely going to be a season filled with surprises. Based on what Peter has said, some fans wonder if the ending is even in place yet, or if things might be somewhat up in the air for now.

One way or another, people will seemingly have lots to talk about as The Bachelor plays out this winter and Peter's journey begins airing on Monday night.