'General Hospital' Spoilers: Spinelli Returns To Port Charles To Help Jason & Sam

Kim Brandow

Last week on General Hospital, Sam learned that she would be sent back to Pentonville if she chooses to have Jason in her life. She just reunited with her family on Christmas eve, but the new year isn't starting out very well for the couple. Now Jason is scrambling to figure something out and it looks like in addition to trying to get help from Robert Scorpio, he will call on his BFF, Damian Spinelli, to work his tech magic.

Longtime GH actor Bradford Anderson will be returning to his role as Spinelli during the week of January 13, according to SheKnows Soaps. While he will be reuniting with the mother of his child, Maxie West, it is likely that the main reason he is coming back is to lend some assistance to Jason and Sam. They are in a pickle thanks to Delores, Sam's parole officer, who paid her a visit to the penthouse to check it out. That's when she gave Sam the bad news.

Diane Miller consulted with the couple and told them that they need to adhere to it unless she wants to go back to prison. She then suggested that they bring in Spinelli to see if he can get the goods on Delores. Things seem to be a little strange when it comes to this woman.

It was previously revealed by The Inquisitr that the happy "JaSam" reunion would be interrupted by something bad, and now fans know exactly what that is. Jason is forced to stay away from the love of his life to keep her out of prison and with her kids, Danny and Scout.

Sam was in tears on Friday, and Jason was obviously distressed as he left the penthouse. More upcoming spoilers indicate that Jason isn't giving up. He is expected to fight his way back to Sam by getting some help.

While Spinelli is in town, he and Maxie will be visiting. Peter may not be too happy about that. Maxie's ex would love to take Maxie's new love down. He doesn't trust Peter and knows something is off about him. Just wait until Spinelli finds out just how bad Peter has been.

Look for Bradford Anderson to appear on Monday, January 13. There are no details on how long he will be sticking around this time.