WWE News: Hall Of Famer Shares Photo On Social Media, Hints At ‘WrestleMania’ Match


WWE legend Hulk Hogan took to Twitter over the weekend to share a picture of himself. In the photo, the Hall of Famer appears to be in very good shape and is apparently in training for a WrestleMania match.

Hogan, who got rid of his iconic mustache toward the end of 2019, is recovering from back surgery. The legendary performer is clearly on the mend and training hard, which suggests that he’s serious about having one more match after all.

However, the response among Hogan’s Twitter followers was mixed at the thought of “The Hulkster” having another match. One user claimed that his career deserves to come “full circle” at WWE’s biggest show of the year. On the other side of the spectrum, another user noted how he’s had “10 back surgeries” and should never step into a wrestling ring again.

At the time of this writing, Hogan is 66-years-old and well past his prime in-ring years. At the same time, WWE has shown a willingness to give matches to legends who have been medically cleared to compete, and having a competitor of Hogan’s star power lace up his boots for one last match will likely appeal to company management, if it’s possible.

As The Inquisitr reported back in November, Hogan revealed that he’s already proposed the idea of having one last match at the Showcase of the Immortals, though it remains unclear if WWE management is open to booking the dream match.

“I’ve been talking to Vince McMahon. History is very important to me. I’ve had a very long career and part of my career was with a very, very small company and a very gracious lady called Dixie Carter in TNA and I had one of my — actually my last match there. That’s hard for me to live with. I want my last match to be in WWE.”

Hogan’s spell in TNA (now called Impact Wrestling) wasn’t the highest point of his career. Now that he’s back in WWE’s good graces following his racism controversy that saw him fired from the company for a couple of years, the Hall of Famer wants to end his in-ring career on a high note.

As The Inquisitr report highlights, Hogan wants his final match to be against McMahon. The WWE chairman has shown a willingness to still get physical in his twilight years, but now that he’s 74-years-old, he might not be interested in stepping back into a wrestling ring and risking his health.