Selena Gomez Has A New Year’s Day Mishap During Hawaiian Vacation

Just when Selena Gomez was ready to make 2020 a better year for herself, she starts it off with an injury. The 27-year-old singer has been vacationing in Hawaii over the holidays, but things took a bit of a downward turn on New Year’s Day. She ended up getting stung by a jellyfish-like creature as she was walking along the beach.

According to TMZ, Gomez stepped on what is called a Portuguese man o’ war, whose sting is said to be quite painful. Although it isn’t deadly to a human, it’s certainly not a creature that you would want to have a run-in with. Unfortunately, Selena Gomez did, and by the looks on her face during the ordeal, it appears that it was pretty painful. The brunette bombshell couldn’t walk very well on her foot after it happened. She was seen limping as she was trying to walk across the beach to get the injury taken care of.

Gomez was with a group of friends at the time. They all surrounded her on the sandy beach trying to help her through it. It appeared at one point, in a couple of the photos that the entertainment site had obtained, that she was in tears or close to it. She was obviously hurting from the powerful sting. One of her friends stayed with her giving her a big hug as they sat on the beach.

An unknown man was seen with the group helping to attend to the “Look at Her Now” singer. At first, he walked alongside her holding her hand, but it appeared too difficult for her to put pressure on her foot. There is a video clip, as well as snaps, that show Selena Gomez managing to hop up on his back as he carried her the rest of the way. She then managed to break out into a smile.

Despite the unfortunate injury to her foot, the songstress sizzled in a two-piece green flowery swimsuit that showed off her porcelain skin. She also wore a beige over-sized sweater for a cover-up. Her short brunette hair was pulled back and she went makeup free as she enjoyed the sun and the clear blue ocean.

Sharing via Instagram, Gomez had just given a message about making the new year better than the rest of them as she is seen lounging on a boat. It’s not known if the photo was taken before or after she was stung. She also was seen earlier during her Hawaiian vacation wearing another green bikini and relaxing while out on the ocean water.

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