Danny Boyle’s ‘Trance’ Gets A New Trailer [Video]

Danny Boyle Trance

Director Danny Boyle’s upcoming thriller Trance has dropped another trailer.

The latest promotional item from the flick focuses more on the relationship between co-stars James McAvoy and Rosario Dawson. The clip also showcases some of the thriller’s trippy visuals. The trailer has been embedded below.

Trance tells the story of an art auctioneer (McAvoy) who gets wrapped up in the theft of Francisco Goya’s painting “Witches In The Air.” However, the heist doesn’t go as planned and the artwork is lost. Although the auctioneer hid the painting, a blow to the head has essentially erased his memory.

In an effort to locate the stolen artwork for the criminals looking to possess it, the auctioneer pays a visit to a hypnotherapist who promises to help him with his problem. Judging from the trailer, it doesn’t take very long for things to get out of control.

Although you wouldn’t know it from the latest trailer, Danny Boyle’s Trance looks to be a very violent and somewhat disturbing affair. The previously-released red band trailer puts a number of the film’s darker moments on full display. However, none of that imagery is featured in the trailer below.

Danny Boyle said during a recent interview with Film School Rejects that he wanted his thriller to have a “noirish feel.” However, the filmmaker stressed that the movie itself isn’t noir.

Trance Trailer

“We wanted it to look like a noir,” Boyle explained. “We wanted it to update noir, really, if you can. Take some of the ingredients of it and kind of update it. That’s what I love doing. And that lets you get an audience.”

He added, “I don’t want them to play just to a small group of people in the BFI. I want them to get out and compete with the wrestling on television. That’s the competition.”

The latest green band trailer has been included below.

Danny Boyle’s Trance stars James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel, and Rosario Dawson. The film will open in select theaters in the US on April 5.